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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stylearc sleeves 2

I have measured the Sunny top to give you some more information. There is already a comment on Patternreview about the sleeves being too tight there.

In a size 10 the sleeves at the bicep measure 10". Same as the Pia. My actual bent arm at the bicep is 12". Now in a light stretchy knit this would still be OK but your fabric would still have to have at least 75% stretch I figure - exactly like the swatch in fact.

Many T shirt knits, particularly those with cotton don't have this.

I really like the shape of the Sunny but when I have more time than I have tonight I will be adding at least a couple of inches to that sleeve. Maybe that will ruin the design but I know from today's experience that I am just not going to be comfortable in a tight sleeve.

I would be interested to hear more about other experiences.

I am hot on the trail of a few TNT knit tops, at least one that can be tunic length with high day-to-day wearability.

Any suggestions?


Digs said...

Wow that's two StyleArc patterns in a row with too-narrow sleeve issues. Maybe the creator(s) ought to hear about this, just a thought, hmm?
Re. this pattern, what I'd do is measure from CB to the sleeve seam (which, judging from the drawing, appears to sit just above the bicep), and check that the circumference there has at least 1" (2.5 cm) ease, then narrow gradually to the wrist. If you cut too wide, it's easy enough to narrow it down, right? Good luck!

Lyndle said...

I always add a bit at the bicep to my Style Arc sleeves. I read that they are fitting before I started sewing with SA, and I have chubby arms. I start with a 16 to fit my shoulders and grade up the bust, waist and hips, so the alteration I make to the sleeves is not unexpected. When I used to use an 18, which fitted my bust and waist, I still added a bit to the sleeves. For knits, usually rayon-lycra or merino jersey, I aim for zero ease around the bicep (or maybe + or - up to 1cm, depending on fabric) and it seems to come out ok.

Jodie said...

Have you tried Jalie patterns? Number 2806( sorry using the iPad and I don't know how to make a link) looks similar to the pia t. I've made it in a few of the sizes for family and a wide variety of fabrics with no issue. I can take some measurements off the pattern if you like. Just let me know.

Angela said...

I usually add width to the bicep area because I have sizable biceps, especially my left one. I think this is from carrying a kid on my hip for close to 13 years. This is the tutorial I use:

If you have thin upper arms and are still having to add width, I'm pretty sure I'm not the body Style Arc is drafting for;)

Ginger said...

Have you ever tried Christine Jonson or Jalie patterns? CJ are (almost all) made for knits. They are great. Jalie has some awesome knit tops. Not affiliated with either, just a happy sewist.

twotoast said...

That is a lovely looking pattern - and it does not give the impression that the sleeve would be a tight fit. I think that for myself the sleeve should be at least the measurement of my arm.

Anonymous said...

Vogue 1363 is my new favorite knit top. I've only made it once, but I plan on making many more. It is very adaptable to many changes. And it fits! At least it fit me. I don't like tight (negative ease) knit tops. I made it short sleeved and I suppose it could be made longer for a tunic.

Anonymous said...

The style is actually very narrow sleeves - especially at the wrist. I made the Jalie 3245 and the wrist was very slim and my sister said that RTW has been the same and she likes it so it was ok.

Aunty Stitches said...

Have you tried Maria Denmark? (she is also in Craftsy and Pattern Review)Her patterns are pdf but you might like her tops!