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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Step dancing in Nova Scotia

You will be delighted to know that I am not doing badly getting fluids into Mr. R.

I know this because I woke up this morning and realized that some time in the night he had peed on my bed.

I am trying to get the house in shape before my friend comes over when I am away, and this was a set back. 

I am of course washing all the sheets and mattress pads in hot water and disinfectant but the king sized duvet was a challenge.

I called around everywhere to try to find someone who could wash this for me today but no one could do it. No one. Not even Shiny Tiny Bubbles and you know how good they are.

So I figured I had to do it myself. The problem is  I know from past experience that a wet duvet weighs about 900 pounds and after I was let out after The Big Fix-up they said lift nothing over 20 pounds or you will see us again.

I have no intention of doing that.

Fortunately I have recently completed the Canadian Home Fitness test which involved stepping on and off the coffee table and taking my heart rate on an iPad app. (only knocked over the cable box twice, they are pretty sturdy) and I know I have good lower body strength if not much else. Like common sense.

So with this on my side I filled up the bath and washed it and then took off all my clothes and walked up and down the wet duvet, sometimes on my knees because they are bigger than my feet, and thought.

As I stomped I wondered if I should add the wine regions of France to my bucket list.

I thought that with this as a workout I could skip the exercise bike today.

I thought about how fun it was, and how you can usually figure things out for yourself.

I thought about the Olympics.

I wondered what the events are in the Masters.

I wondered what the closest thing to duvet stomping is.

After that it was still wet and then I figured this was more or less a giant sweater.

So I got out every towel I own and rolled up parts of it and got more water out.

I figured the heavier the towels were the lighter the duvet was.

Then I eased it piece by piece into a laundry basket and pushed it with my feet to the dryer, even down the stairs.

I jammed it in the dryer, with my head and my hands, and managed to close the door.

In about five hours it will be dry if the dryer holds out.

I was kind of thinking I could use a new dryer.

This was a busy morning.

I feel like a shower, but I don't have any towels.

Tomorrow I hit NYC. I think I need a break. Or they will.


Anonymous said...

Would you please climb on the coffee table, drape yourself in the dry duvet and I shall come over and award you a GOLD medal!

Have a great time in NYC.

Kathie said...

You just make my day, dear Barbara! Thank you again and again for your posts. Now I have to wipe the tears off my face!

Annette said...

This sounds like something I would do. May a new dryer be in your future. My husband keeps fixing mine every time I think it is finally dead.

Angela said...

NYC will definitely be well-deserved after all this! Your pontifications while duvet-stomping made me laugh, but it's definitely a laugh WITH you, not AT you. Sometimes I am amazed at all the crazy stuff we can end up doing. And even though it's crazy, it's somehow liberating. Maybe that's the "I'll just figure out a solution myself" part.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I'm exhausted just reading this. I hope NYC is restful.

BeccaA said...

Have a wonderful time in NYC! I love reading your posts. Clever of you to figure out how to wash the heavy duvet without injuring yourself. It is definitely worth a visit to the wine regions of France even if they won't be asking you to stomp on grapes. I'd say your creativity has earned you a new dryer.

Nancy said...

I love this post! You really lightened my day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Howling with laughter here. And admiring your cleverness. I wonder if your furry friend is trying to convey that he knows better than the vet just how much fluid he needs. Elle

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha made my day!

Unknown said...

Way tooo funny!!! Have fun in deserve it!

Calypso Flowers said...

I'm with Anonymous Donna and will make a floral wreath of Dog Roses for you to wear at the ceremony ! Please, if ever you stop blogging, do it gently, over a number of months, if not years...I know we will have withdrawal symptoms.

KathyS said...

Oh Barbara, you are priceless. I will definitely keep your method in mind if I ever have to wash a duvet.
Have a wonderful time in NYC.

Jane M said...

Just when you make me think that I should be getting more fluids into little Lucky as he gets older, you make me almost spit out my coffee fluids and have to do the same duvet dance. Have a wonderful trip!

Lyndle said...

Love your posts... Hate those things that suddenly take over your day, like having to wash everything on the bed... Congrats on your problem solving! Enjoy NYC!