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Monday, March 4, 2013

Fancy eating in the big city report

There wasn't a lot of sewing done around here this weekend.

My son-in-law was away and both the little girls were pretty sick so I was over a lot helping out my daughter. Everyone appears to be getting better today.

So this is another of my mini updates to report on a strong food trend I saw in NYC when I was out with my food sophisticated son and his really so nice girlfriend.

The first one was something called cereal milk.

This is a re-creation of the stuff you used to pour into the sink after the kids ran off and left a big puddle of milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl. You know the stuff that made you yell after them "If you aren't going to finish it don't waste all this milk on your cereal".

Just like your mom used to say to you.

Well New York cereal milk is served in hip milk bars for $5 a glass and is made of milk blended up with cornflakes and a bit of sugar. Very retro, nostalgico apparently and actually pretty good.

That was gold we were pouring down that sink.

Number two was at a very trendy restaurant where all the food was delicious but served on those little plates that make you wish someone would bring your a whole dinner plate full. To me, non chic me, a bunch of little plates never quite looks like dinner.

Anyway it was delicious and I was there for the company after all. The meal ended up with dessert, a very nice caramel custard with, guess what around the edges as garnish?

Rice Krispies.

Excellent bit of crunch and an idea I may borrow and might get away with as long as I serve it with the explanation that I first ate this in New York.

What do you think?

Next time I go out I expect someone to put tuna casserole made with a can of mushroom soup on  one of those little plates.

One can only hope.


sdBev said...

"a bunch of little plates never quite looks like dinner." Oh me too! I sat and mentally calculated the calories I'd just consumed and wondered why I felt like I had finished the hors d'oeuvres and was waiting for the main course.

Re the cereal milk. You forgot the 2 tablespoon sugar rule. Otherwise I'd be pouring a 5-lb bag of sugar down the drain every morning.

LinB said...

I'm with you -- as long as it's even vaguely edible, I want plenty. I can do nouveau cuisine at home, when I am slimming, and no one has to watch me gnaw on pencils when I am too hungry to cope. I think I can do tuna noodle tonight at home, if I do a microwave white sauce instead of mushroom soup ... do you know Microwave Gourmet, by Barbara Kafka? It's probably out of print, but it is a favorite cookbook of mine. I found a used copy at a thrift store recently. Best way to prepare a white sauce or gravy EVER. No lie.

Barbara said...

Thanks for reminding me about Barbara Kakka's book LinB, I borrowed it from the library once, need to find a copy.

Steph A said...

Oh my lord you made me laugh!!! Almost every day I say those exact words to my 5 yro. The 8 yro finally got the message a while back.

I'm passing this bit of juicy news onto the other moms I know! Gold!!

gwensews said...

The cereal milk sounds kinda icky. I do put RiceKrispies on my yogurt for some crunch.

badmomgoodmom said...

Little plates? Didn't they used to be called dim sum or sushi or tapas? I grew up with them on the left coast so the idea doesn't sound strange to me at all.

Cereal milk? Really? Isn't everyone in NYC avoiding carbs? Or are they back to eating carbs this season? Food fashions must change as fast as clothes fashion.

At what point can we just sit everything out and call ourselves retro chic?

Unknown said...

Well now I know what to expect when I visit NY. Thanks for the heads up.

Pattyskypants said...

I'm FROM nyc and I can verify that cereal milk is not a trend (we've been eating it all along . . . a dirty little "cuisine" secret we don't share with outsiders). As for Rice Krispies, ditto. Try it on vanilla ice cream or sprinkled on some mashed 'nanners. Ooooo, yummy.

Sew Lady Sew! said...

Sometimes when I'm alone, I'll eat cereal for supper. Does that make me uber NY trendy?