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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not exactly illustrated and that was the week that was

Unless someone decides that my blog posts are worthy of a full-time salary, I am occasionally going to be absent here, because I have to go to work.

Hope you understand.

Of course when I look at what I have to post tonight it makes some sense to me that I am not being paid to blog.

O.K. again.

This week I decided to make a dress that I knew would not suit me because it was a dress I remembered.

A long, long time ago I had this dress. 

It was full and I wore it with a belt at work and as soon as I came home I took off that belt and put on an apron and made supper. I later even left the belt off entirely and wore this same dress as a maternity dress. 

I told you it was a long time ago.

Well, when I saw this pattern, McCalls 6600 in the new collection ( I see the early fall Buttericks are out and I am not going to review them - they are all awful) I thought:

That's my old dress.

I even think I had a hat like that once.

The resemblance ends there.

I don't wear waisted things because I don't have one but I really wanted that old dress back.

I made mine in some wool jersey this week and went down two sizes as a result because it was a huge pattern and  I had a knit.

I love this new dress just as much as I liked the old one. 

Despite the fact I no longer have a waist, and a whole lot of other things, and despite the fact that the baby who gestated under the original is now colouring her hair because she sees grey.

Basically the person inside the dress is the same, and you are going to have to make heavy use of your imagination to see that.

So here we go, the regular odd shots on a windy day, sweating too because I decided to accessorize with real leotards like I will wear with it, and some Naot shoes I got cheap at the Golan Heights outlet store. Winter dress.

Full shot with snarky face. Big stomach is a wind induced optical illusion.

There is no head on this picture because of the vertical hair in the wind thing.

Here is the dress without a belt but with a head - maybe you can mentally photoshop them together.

Every once in a while I question my choice of fashion photographer. He does a great job with wild life shots, pictures of the dog, and heavy equipment digging large holes. I am sure I look better than this in the clothing shots.

But my photographer is cheerful.

And useful.

While I was topstitching the collar my foot control stuck down and so my machine kept sewing even when I lifted my foot.

This sort of thing just makes me yell "Leo."

Anyway I went and had a bath to restore my good humour.

Half way through there was a knock at the bathroom door and a man with a sewing machine came in, set up the machine at the sink, plugged it into the razor plug, and demonstrated for me how well it worked.

I don't have pictures.

And you can't find a man like that just anywhere.


a little sewing said...

I LOVE this dress! It looks great on you - with the belt or without ... and the necklace is great, too.

Wow, now I want one. I have never had my husband fix my sewing machine. That is dandy and you should be proud, very proud :)

NZ said...

I am always so pleased to see one of your new blog posts when I open Reader. Thank you. You make me smile. :)

The Hojnackes said...

I love your dress! Kind of makes me want to go get that pattern-even though I know it wouldn't suit me.

Andrea said...

What a sweet man.
I am really loving your dress, the color, the fit, it is stylish but looks comfortable to wear. Perfect match on the tights.
How do you pretreat and subsequently care for your wool knit fabric and garments? Can you wash them?

Margy said...

Great post, as always...you look beautiful in this dress...
and I am envious of a DH who can fix a sewing machine...

shams said...

Wow, look at that tiny little waist you have! You look great in that dress.

Anonymous said...

A good man is hard to find, as they say. So is a waist at some point. And you have both! And a sense of humor.
Great dress on you. Elle

MaryMM said...

Your dress looks wonderful. Love the tights and the Naots. But what I really love is the chuckle you induced in me when I thought about, some people relax in the tub with wine and candles, but you do it with men and sewing machines plugged into the razor outlet. You are priceless.

kbenco said...

The dress looks terrific on you - and despite the story, your waist looks tiny.

Branka said...

Oh what a sweet sweet husband you have! And that dress? Look great on you!

jirons42 said...

No matter how small my waist was (and mine isn't) I would always wear this without the belt because it looks so darn comfortable. I'm all about sacrificing style for comfort!

Bunny said...

Once again you start my day with a smile, Barb. Your dress is definitely a keeper, sure makes it look like you have a waist, and is all around flattering. In a knit, I can see why you would bring back the look.

Rebecca said...

The dress looks great on you. And the accessories are perfect. You are a lucky gal to be blessed with a cheerful photographer who also fixes your sewing machine!

Jodie said...

Great post - made me smile. And I'll join in the crowd and say great dress! Warm, comfortable, practical, and looks good too! Perfect working/winter dress.

Cynthia said...

Oh, Barbara! I SO understand, and appreciate, the comment about the "person inside the dress is the same"!

Rachel said...

How could you bear trying on a wool dress in this heat we have been having lately in NS? AND - why do you keep saying you have no waist? You do so have a waist and your clothes with waistlines look great on you. Be glad you're not apple-shaped like many of us.

Audrey said...

That is a flattering (yes, you do have a waist), and comfortable looking dress. Great color for accessorizing too. I'll bet you wear it a lot.

Nancy McKenzie said...

This (with belt) is the best thing I've seen on you. It makes me want to recreate this green dress I had a long time ago. I felt great in it and it got lots of good comments. It had a swish factor. Love a good swish!