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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A low sewing day

First off I have Pamela's Perfect T shirt mostly done.

I am so in love with her Magic Skirt I decided to try this one out too. So far it appears to be perfect. 

I am getting pretty tired of doing that old FBA so it is nice to have a pattern with a darted front option and the forward shoulder etc. already done.

I would have liked to finish it completely to show you but I decided the time has come for me to do some housework. 

I have been taking it fairly easy on that front since the big Fix-it in the middle of June.

And my floors have not been done on these knees since just before that. 

I have good support who has kept things going,  but really, it occurred to me when I came home from playing 18 holes and walking the course that my argument that I wasn't recovered enough for housework might be wearing a bit thin. I figured hanging my bathing suit out on the line after I came back from the pool wasn't going to cut it anymore as the upper limit of my capabilities.

So I manned up to the house today, or in my case womaned up, and got a far bit done. 

I have of course got an ulterior motive in that my middle son who lives in NYC is coming home with his girl friend for a few days between weddings in Prince Edward Island and Maine and mom's house shouldn't be a total wreck.

They will be staying over at my daughter's a few minutes away so they can have time with the little girls. 

Wait till they find out when those jokers hit the deck.

But to be truthful my daughter's house is a lot better for company than mine. A greater distance between the guest room and the rest of the folks for instance (here they would be next door - hey we could keep track of how many times everyone gets up in the night to go to the bathroom and I could do that "is that you?" thing when they rolled in at 3:00 a.m.).

Staying at my daughter's is an obvious choice.

I will of course be over there with food at all times, even when the only person awake is Miss Scarlett.

We can sit where the bar used to be and wait for everyone to get up.

My daughter's house is really interesting. 

It was built by a former political bag man and it has huge entertaining areas (and only two bedrooms upstairs) and the original kitchen had two ovens and there was a full bar service in the family room (long gone to make way for the Fischer Price).

There is also a full size, as in like a bank, safe with a giant combination lock off the laundry room in the basement. 

I am most impressed by this and just wish it could talk. As far as I know the only thing in it right now is my living will with the do not resuscitate part that the family really wants to make sure they don't lose.

This is leading somewhere and that would be why my Perfect T shirt is not finished.

I actually spent the afternoon in my own safeless basement on my hands and knees washing dried syrup  with about 8 million dead flying carpenter ants stuck in it off the floor around the furnace.

I actually would rather have been sewing.

Now here is something you don't get on this blog every day - a housekeeping hint:

If your furnace room is ever invaded by 8 million flying carpenter ants who can see the one crack in the foundation no one else can, and you have just had your uterus removed and are in no mood for that kind of nonsense, what you do is mix up a bunch of corn syrup with a bunch of borax and put it around where they are coming in, and in about a day all those little feet on all those greedy bastards will get stuck to the floor and their intestines will be full of borax which is apparently a flying ant kiss of death.

Now part B of this plan - to clean this up promptly - was never implemented since it is summer and the furnace room is not on the route and if a person were say to just go back upstairs and pick up her knitting and forget about it once she realized she had won - well in that case plan C -weeks later- is to waste a whole pile of good sewing time, scrapping up dead ants.

Which is not as much fun as sewing.

But tomorrow is another day.


SueC56 said...

I'm a new reader here. Glad you've recovered from your surgery. And don't you hate it when work or housework gets in the way of sewing?!


jirons42 said...

At the the corn syrup and borax was way cheaper than the exterminator that I just paid to get rid of my carpenter ants.

Bunny said...

It's also cheaper than calling in a contractor and replacing and entire wall in the kitchen which we had to do in our last home. I just hope you are not overdoing with the on your knees thing.

Way back when we lived on Cape Cod I had a dear dear elderly friend, born in Armenia, who ran the local numbers racket for the mob, seriously! She had a little restaurant, was a grandma, and the last person anyone would bust. She was also a very devout Catholic. In her bedroom, at the end of the bed, was a BIG safe and on top was a 3 foot tall statue of the Blessed Mother. Every day she would get on her knees and say the rosary in front of that safe. It was a sight I would never forget. Just a little "safe" talk.

Anonymous said...

Grinning from ear to ear here and appreciating your assault tactics.