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Monday, May 28, 2012

Wow and thanks

This is the reason I do this.

A person thinks about things in her own head in her own house and just wonders. Turns out she's not the only one. 

This is what makes blogging, Pinterest (which I love) and the rest of it so interesting.

All the great ideas on the nail issue fascinated me and gave me nail hope. Thanks so much. And of course any of the folks who do the gel/shellac/lacquer thing and want to give more detail please feel free to do that.

This discussion is all part of a larger issue to me and that's the whole letting go syndrome.

You know what I mean. 

Even when I was little I remember my mother and her friends occasionally talk about someone who let herself go. This meant the staying at home thing, the not working or being older syndrome where the issue was no was was around to see.

So why bother. 

Of wearing it still because it hadn't worn out. Of not caring really what was new or not this season.

And I think that at some stage in most women's lives there comes a point where they can say it doesn't really matter any more.

I was talking last night to my mother and she had run into the granddaughter of a friend and nemesis of my paternal grandmother. A certain Katie White, who my grandmother used to dis for still having her nails done and wearing good shoes even in her late 80's when she lived alone in an apartment with her sister.

I seem to recall my grandmother saying something like "who does she think she is?"

Well exactly.

It seems to me that women get into the most trouble in their lives when they stop thinking they are something. That they are worth a future, respect, presence. When they think it matters only if someone is watching.

The world is certainly not going to give you more respect and care than you are giving yourself.

That's part of why nails are not a frivolous question.

But busy women need strategies to do this. 

I work, I take care of grandchildren, I walk dogs and I run around a lot. I need style that has comfort and doesn't take more time than I have.

This is a topic I will be coming back to a lot.

In the meantime I am going to start a proper Pinterest board of style with comfort for the speedy life, and here's a start:

Smoking shoes: a big fall trend and one that works for me:

Bouchra Jarra's easy to copy family holiday look:

Philp Lim's coat for women who want some of the biker jacket look but want it to be wearable and warmer:

More later.


annie said...

WOW!!! The shoes!!! But then I am a major shoe fan, freak, nut. The pants and shirt and the coat are also really great. Wearable for the gal on the street. Thanks for the thoughts and the pix.

Karin said...

Don't we all think about this from time to time? How much time should you spend on yourself? There is only so much "me time" in life and how much of it do you want to spend on grooming? I find I have less personal time as I get older and at the same time need more time to pull myself together. I greatly prefer, sewing, cooking, gardening or reading to making myself up. On the other hand, other people do have to look at me, lol!
If you crack the code for looking nice while still having a life, let us know!

BeckyMc said...

On the issue of nails: I had my first gel manicure over three weeks ago and I have sewed and done yardwork (without gloves) and the tips of my nails look as fresh as the day I got it. It has grown out (like acrylic nails do) to an extent that I am concious of needing a new manicure. I might invest in the Amazon system mentioned in the "frivolous question" post comments. But I enjoy a once a month salon visit with friends, so the expense is something I chalk up to "me time". If I had a ready to wear shopping habit I might want to spend the $25 in department stores instead. And if a salon visit cost $100 I would get the amazon system TODAY. The polish is still perfect, and I am notorious for ruining a manicure before I get out of the salon.

LinB said...

After your last two posts, I find I must ask myself, "Am I really a woman?" 'Cuz I don't care about shoes anymore than I care about nail polish, lol. Although your selection of brightly colored flats are adorable ... maybe I care more than I thought.

Bunny said...

I knew as long as my elderly Mom put on a bit of lipstick, got her hair done, and cared about her appearance, she was doing well. When it stopped it turned out she was in major depressions. Something to watch out for as we age. I mean, don't we want to get up and think the day is worth at least some effort, no matter how small? I'm always amazed at women who just "can't be bothered". It's really sad when they are young women. When I stop putting on the makeup, float me out on the iceberg.

mari.hafenstein@att.net said...

I love this topic. And I am a gel girl all the way. But, on letting yourself go. I found that I was unhappy about certain things in my life and I really did just simply not try at all. I made it my goal to make this summer count and look like I at least cared about my appearance (thus the nail care) I also cut my hair more stylishly and forced myself out of my jeans and Tshirts (except when cleaning house). I didn't sew it all as I hit the mother lode at a local store, but I have some really nice stuff now. And the shoes, oh the shoes. I think that makes or breaks any outfit. Accessories, gotta love them.

Thanks for sharing. We all feel that way from time to time.

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