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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The thing about Florida

One more day here today and then off we go. 

I am leaving a nice little one or two storey corner of North Florida. Not the high rise newly wed and nearly dead spring break image many people who haven't been here have of this part of the world. 

It's slow and small and easy.

Before I leave for another year I want to summarize some of what I love :

  • The weather. All this sunshine day after day after day. I don't need the Mayo clinic to tell me that sunshine is good for the morale, just put yourself in a lawn chair for breakfast and the day starts better. 
  • The mangos are $1.00 each. That allows me to take this chutney back to Nova Scotia where the sun doesn't always shine and opening a jar of this stuff is a good thing. In November, or February say:
  • The pelicans. Love those pelicans. Just goes to show that you can be a bit unconventional looking, pre-historic even, but really all that matters is how you fly. Worth remembering that.
  • Finding out that one of the pros at the course is in her 70s and is named Bernadette.
  • Those sand turtles. Between the house where we stay and the beach there is a sand turtle nature preserve. We have to walk over it on wooden raised walkways to get to the beach. All those tortoise and the hare stories give turtles a bum deal. These jokers can really get a move on when they want to, make a real racket too. They are all over the place here on turtle missions, following turtle agendas. I respect them for that.
  • Free shipping on large fabric orders. I know the UPS boys by name. Of course when it comes time to pack, and your daughter has had you order for her too, you end up with a suitcase that looks like this. Trying explaining to customs (I am flying home for an appointment - my husband and Mr. R are driving) that your actual clothes and underwear are following in a trailer, but that this stuff is more important, might get tricky.

  • The chattiness of the locals. Need company go stand in the check out line at Winn Dixie (yes folks that's the local grocery store) for 20 minutes. Everyone talks to you, in depth, immediately. Schedule this in.
  • Seeing a 17 year old girl play 18 holes of golf in shorts and bare feet and do it perfectly, with immense elegance.
  • Always feeling like hot stuff. If you want to feel attractive come to Florida. No matter what your age or your stage or your state of disrepair some guy will give you the eye. Of course he may also have plastic tubes coming out of his nose, but a wink is a wink right?
  • Seeing your husband, who works too hard, not cut his hair for two months and talk about absolutely nothing but his golf swing. For two months.
Why wouldn't I come back next year?


Debbie Cook said...

Yep, that's why I live here. :-)

I'm counting on catching you for some lunch and sewing on your next trip down.

Safe travels back home!

Sunni said...

It does sound wonderful! Especially the Winn Dixie!

ACorgiHouse said...

May I meet up with you both? My dad's family has been in the Tampa area, what my sisters and I call "old Florida", for generations. I've recently decided to move down there, still working out the details but should be ensconced by early fall...

LinB said...

Oh, how I miss my Winn Dixie! The company pulled out of North Carolina some years ago. Did you not have a Piggly Wiggly in Florida? That's about the next best grocery store, imo. Bi-Lo left two years before WD. Now I either shop Dollar General or WalMart, as I cannot stand Food Lion. No good reason: they just smell funny.

Barbara said...

Consider yourselves booked for a get together next spring. I will be back for the months of April and May. Old Florida, I know just what you mean, and I think that's the part I identify with. Seems to me anyone with an opportunity to live here probably should.

Lena Merrin said...

Now I want to go to Florida :))

Bunny said...

You so make me laugh and always leave me with a smile. I am glad you are leaving Fla. with such awareness. It's good for the soul.

marysews said...

I love it here, too! I like Publix's food better, but you're right about the Southern friendliness. Watching pelicans ride a thermal off A1A is relaxing. I just found out about the spicy popsicles at Hyppolita; must go try Datil Strawberry and Mango Habanero. I love the barefoot parts, and being out in the sun. Yes, we must make a gathering!

marysews said...

I also want to wish you many safe trips!

Andrea said...

Barbara, I'd also love to join you all for a get together next time you're in Florida.

I had to chuckle about the tortoises. I saw a big one this morning on the edge of the golf course, it's head an neck sticking out really far, like he was checking the sky to look for rain clouds.

Have a safe trip home.