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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I hate shopping but ,,,

I really do.

All those things not in your size and not in your colour.

All those two piece outfits where only one piece fits.

All those sales ladies who don't really want to help you.

All those price tags that can't possibly be worth it for that much fabric and so little construction time.


It was a rare rainy day here yesterday so I took it upon myself to further peruse the consignment stores. I can confirm that Chic Side, mentioned earlier, is the best. Here is what I brought home:

"Vintage" London Fog raincoat with a zip-in quilted lining.Yes I know this is not your glamour model but I have been needing something for walking to work, which involves a short trip through the woods, on cold rainy days - a project so practical it totally fails to inspire me as a sewer. High neck which looks like it is choking me but will keep the icy rain from going down the back of my neck. I hate that and it happens all the time. I also have some silver faux snakeskin that will make a good hat. I sort of thought I would go into the purse business for myself but never got around to it.

Washed the Chanel No. 5 out of it and we're fine. $23.00

A real Burberry hat, which I love because it is large and so is my head. Hats usually give me a headband headache.

I have some lovely rainwear gab I bought in NYC that I want to make the Stella coat with:

But I have to source some fake (I am not paying $25.00 a yard for the real stuff to match a hat that cost me $20.00) Burberry lining.

Anyone know where to get it?

Finally some jeans shoes, $18.00:

Now that's about all the shopping I can take for a while.

Back to sewing.


ReadyThreadSew said...

Buying something you know you will never make is always a win. I rarely buy any clothes these days - I rely on my sewing, my mum's cast-offs, and occasional purchases of items such as sweaters that I would never, ever, in a million years make for myself (I don't enjoy knitting).

I will admit to not liking the idea of using a fake Burberry lining in a coat. I'm in the UK and Burberry is now often seen as a very downmarket label due to "chavs" wearing fake (or sometimes real) Burberry head to toe. A good summing up of what Burberry means to me is this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WDnukuUc84 I know you aren't in the UK, but whenever I see the iconic Burberry plaid I can only think of chavs.

Barbara said...

Wow, ReadyThreadSew. I had to look up "chav" in the urban dictionary and I can't believe I came that close to being one! OK no fake Burberry lining for me. But keeping the hat because it's a roomy one. Someone has to keep me out of trouble.

ReadyThreadSew said...

I should have said in my original comment - keep the hat - it's a great find! You could never be a "chav" - especially because you never knew they existed :)

There are so many other pretty linings for coats, although I'm feeling a little guilty that I took away a good one (Burberry was lovely until the chavs stole it).

velosewer said...

If they fit and you're happy with these pieces, enjoy them.