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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More information on Stylearc's Coco jacket

If you hung in there with me you know that one of my problems with the Chanel jacket project was that the pattern was not on my side.

Not for a minute, not from the beginning.

Why in sewing, as in so many other major areas of life, do we just not listen to those little voices?  Not until it's too late, not until we have said to our friends "I should have known." The signs are always there. In my case I should have stopped when I had to wrestle the upper bust to the ground.

So the issue of a pattern for my next Chanel jacket, when I am at home an reunited with all my tools, is major.

I have been thinking about the new Coco pattern from Stylearc but I had some questions.

I finally emailed Chloe and team with my questions and with the generosity that seems typical of that operation they sent me shots of the shop model and .pdf's of the instruction sheets. This is simply the kind of information a sewer always needs and never gets pre-purchase, so with the Stylearc team's permission here it is for you too. 

You should be able to scroll down through the embedded .pdf to see it all:

And here are some studio shots of the model jacket:

Work in progress model frayed edges not added yet.
This is definitely a shorter Chanel type jacket but I feel the lines add width to the upper body for balance, and I may lengthen it a bit for me.

Yes, I have ordered this pattern and a whole bunch of others along with a replacement for my Sasha shirt that turned out so well and is still missing in Room 333.

More news too.

In all the discussion about this jacket I asked Chloe if she would let me interview her, channeling that part of my past that used to write for a couple of the local papers.

She said yes, amazingly, so watch for that interview too as soon as I can post it.


BeccaA said...

Thank you for the photos of the jacket made up! It is great that Chloe is willing to share all this information. I have this pattern but am currently working on a Chanel jacket with the OOP Claire Shaeffer Vogue pattern. I look forward to your interview with Chloe!

Karin said...

Great scoop! Looking forward to the interview:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post; we really benefit from your writing and sewing skills. I would be interested to know if the company has plans to distribute in North America?

Sandra said...

Thanks to your endorsement of this company, I bought their Peta pant pattern, and have been thrilled with the results! THey also threw in the Amy top pattern for free, and that's next in line for me. Their drafting is wonderful, and I love that they sent a couple of fabric swatches with each. I'm looking forward tot he interview with Chloe - I will purchase more of her patterns.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, I have been eyeing this lovely jacket as well as some other Style Arc patterns. If any Canadians are interested in ordering together to save shipping, I'm happy to co-ordinate. You can leave me a message on my blog.

Corrine said...

I have been following your blog for a while and really enjoy your take on sewing. As a result, I have nominated you for a Liebster award.
You can find out about it in this post:


Keep up the great work!