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Monday, April 16, 2012

Interfacing and other crises

Man is it going to be hard to to back to the real life. 

I like this blogging, bike riding, sewing, knitting thing. The internet is amazing, the way I figure it I should be doing all my teaching April to September at least online. Of course it nearly killed me to teach myself how to build the courses, but worth it, definitely worth it.

If my mom is reading this, and she probably is, the woman is on Facebook now even, she will be happy to know that I have sterilized the second hand toys. I know she was about to ask.

You see my mother's prime time in her nursing career was during a polio epidemic and later TB and she is more or less the Queen of infectious diseases. My dad used to say proudly that she could have stopped the bubonic plague in its tracks.

When we were kids this mean that anything that came into the house second hand was sort of autoclaved. The books used to bug me the most. An hour at 250. I was in school before I realized that not all pages of all books were wavy.

When she used to come and visit me in the summer when my kids were little she would do a complete sterilization of all toys before her coat was off.

So yes Mom, it's all be soaked, disinfected, run through the dishwasher and dried in the sun. The ostrich feather dress up boa didn't turn out so well.

OK that's the productive part of my life.

Now onto the crises:

Crisis #1: 

I have lost my Sasha shirt pattern. I am convinced it is behind some couch in Room 333 in Knoxville Tennessee but I didn't make much headway with the weekend guy at the desk. Had trouble explaining what a sewing pattern was, and trouble making him understand that this was a National Emergency. Will try again tomorrow when Housekeeping comes in - otherwise I sure hope those folks at Stylearc have operators standing by.

Crisis #2:

I have decided to make not one but two loud shirts from the Jane pattern. There are things that look fine here in Florida that probably won't elsewhere, but here is where I am right now. I think I am going to be bringing out my inner Kosmo Krammer.

However, and this the second National Emergency. I have run out of interfacing. How did this happen? I have 400 yards at home.

The only spot around here for any kind of supply is Hobby Lobby and what they have is craft or sewing Pellon. This is not an "or" situation. The stuff carry is the line that looks like Bounce Sheet. Not going to work. Fortunately I now have Paypal and wireless and I will be hanging around the mailbox this week. Also discovered Fabrics.com has zippers and other notions, haven't needed them before, so that's good too.

I will update you after my conversation with Tennessee Housekeeping.

1 comment:

petunia said...

Sorry about your missing pattern but relieved to hear I'm not the only person who loses patterns in relatively small spaces.

For thin cottons I have interfaced with nylon hexagonal netting my mother had stashed for priscilla curtains. It was super great--never shrank or wrinkled. It was finer than the cheapest "nylon net" you would buy for a Heloise project. For more substantial cottons, I would try two layers of the net.