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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New year's thoughts sort of

Every year I order a Moleskin diary. They have the days of the week on one side and a lined notebook page on the other.

This is really useful in meetings when people say things and you can grab your diary and look serious and responsible while you write things like "Spring wardrobe gaps: replace black skirt, make three new fun tops from knits."

My fingers must have slipped when I Amazoned this year (I have maintained my festive season mall boycott) and what arrived was a mini version of what I usually order.

One the left is my current diary and on the right 2012:

 I was a bit annoyed with myself until I realized this was A Sign.

You see recently I have been having some conversations with a variety of people that have reminded me there needs to be a statute of limitations on some of the stuff that gets passed on from year to year.

Every life and every family has some of this.

How many generations should anyone pass on what happened in the war?
How many nights should anyone lie awake thinking of an old betrayal?
How many years should anyone resent the sibling who was always presented as prettier/smarter/more successful?
How many decades should anyone discuss that someone could have should have married better, done more with their education, never left that job?
How long until that mistake has been forgotten?

This made me realize that the common family activity to explain people by recapping the above in fact functions primarily to just keep it all alive - to write it into next year's diary before the year has already begun.

What if the diary was smaller and there wasn't any room to do this?


sdBev said...

"How long until that mistake has been forgotten?" Good question. I see it in our (US) politics. The populace is looking for an experienced, wise leader who has never made a mistake or decision contrary to their own. When do we accept that others gained their wisdowm through their mistakes? When do we forgive and move forward?

Carrotsandsmarties said...

SSK - if they are loose and pigeon-ey, go in from the other side of the stitch. If you turn the stitch around on the needle (the opposite way to intuitive) the stitch won't look twisted.

LinB said...

You can always take up shorthand, lol. But you are right: true peace cannot be achieved until we agree to forgive AND forget. (Is a true forgiveness even possible without the forgetting? One wonders.) Or at least agree to forbear with one another. Merry Christmas. Peace on earth, etc.

Scenic Route said...

Well said! Having 2 homes in 2 different parts of the world and traveling back and forth 3-4 times a year for the past 7 has forced me to simplify. I am happier for it! LIfe is reduced to its essence of people first and then only stuff that brings joy & beauty or is useful. I bet you'll get used to that smaller planner right away :)

cyberdaze said...

I do that in meetings too! As always, food for thought there. Thanks!

Mary said...

You think like I do! This small journal is definitely a sign :-)