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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is plan B?

Flypaper thoughts:

  • Storm today, road washed out.
  • Sewing room under 6 inches of water.
  • Husband got home from work just in time to lift machines and fabric to safety.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday.
  • My mom sent me a Home Depot gift card.
  • Good thing.
  • Each son has asked for a sweater for Christmas.
  • I have a feeling they mean Christmas this year.
  • Last time we drove from Nova Scotia to Tennessee I knit two dish cloths and one sock.
  • They have to be kidding.
  • However my sewing room is under water.
  • I have to stop talking to the TV.
  • What's with those Viagra type commercials where the couple are suddenly transported to two bathtubs where they start to hold hands?
  • I have three children and I have never held hands in twin bathtubs.
  • And I am not going to start.
  • The minister of finance is taking me out for lunch tomorrow.
  • I knew him before this happened.
  • Knowing him it's going to be separate checks.
  • My husband had to take a sledge hammer to the concrete floor in my sewing room to make a place for the water to drain out.
  • So far it has just filled up with water again.
  • Now the floor has to be fixed.
  • The dogs want to know why they haven't been taken out for a walk.
  • Dog pee is a highly effective solvent on floor tile glue.
  • Just so you know.
  • I have just eaten two chocolate cherry blossoms.
  • Thank god.
  • I mean that.
  • So far I have cast on one sweater.
  • That's it for today.
  • Try again tomorrow.


celkalee said...

I am so terribly sorry for your troubles. I am glad that you were able to save your machines. Sounds like there are lots of knitting moments in your future. Just remember, Christmas gifts are not all they are cracked up to be, a good book is always nice:) :) :)

Terry said...

Oh my goodness! What a terrible day for you. Glad that you were able to get your machines out of the way.

shams said...

So sorry to hear about the flooding!

I hope you manage to have a great birthday, despite everything!!

KayY said...

That's a lot! Despite being aghast at the flooded sewing room and unreasonable knitting demands, I cracked up to know about the Finance Minister being likely to insist on separate cheques. Your sense of humour seems quite intact at least.

Mae said...

I can't feel sorry for someone who has just eaten two Cherry Blossoms.

Connie said...

Thanks for answering my questions about the Butterick 5533 coat.

How awful to have your sewing room flooded & how wonderful to have a husband who cared to rescue your machines and fabric!

LinB said...

"When it rains, it pours." Merciful heavens! Happy you have a handy husband and a Home Depot gift card. Sad to think you must churn out three sweaters by Christmas (remember that Christmas STARTS on Dec. 25, and ENDS on Jan 6). Hope that helps. Did not know that dog pee dissolves glue -- do know that cat pee dissolves my will to live.

Bunny said...

Oh, my, can it be more frustrating? Didn't know about the dog pee. Thanks for that one. I sure hope things get back to normal soon. Noone needs this aggravation as the holidays loom.

Building for a living and a life said...

DH here, for the record, the hole in the floor was constructed as a sump pit. First as a temporary solution so the water could be removed with 2 shop vacs to a level below the floor. Then with some refinements a final solution with a sump pump. Photos to follow.