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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vogue patterns and dream jobs

I got a very nice email from Vogue last week asking if they could put up some of my pictures on their facebook page ( I think you might have to be a friend to see it).

I was pretty pleased to be contacted by them. In my heart consider this an incremental step towards my Dream Job which would be pattern instruction copy editor. You know someone who would say "if you had worked a long day and really should be doing the dishes but were sewing instead wouldn't it be less frustrating to do step 14 as step 3 instead?"

I will wait for that call.

Do you have a dream job?

My husband would like to have a cooking show. 

But I am not sure what kind of market there is for a cook who throws utensils, won't talk while he is cooking, and serves a meal and then goes to lie down for a few minutes before he comes to the table because he is so emotionally exhausted by the whole process. And usually won't take one bite until someone else says "It's fantastic". To which he always says "You just saying that. It could be better."

I had a student once who more than anything else in the world wanted to be an instruction writer for put-it-together-yourself BBQs.

What's your dream job?


Bunny said...

My dream job is the same as yours, doing QC on pattern instructions for one of the Big Four. I could sit at my computer and get paid for criticizing. How good is that?

I can tell you, your hubby's TV show would be a major hit. Talk about reality TV!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

hahah I would watch the cooking show! I like the dramatic chefs...they are silly! My dream job is ROCKSTAR FASHION DESIGNER!!!

BetsyV said...

Fiction editor at a boutique publishing house.

Actually, any kind of editor would do. It makes me crazy to read poorly written material.

Karin said...

My dream is that you get your dream job! How nice for all of us to have lovely instructions when we sew:-)

Janlynn said...

I have many dream jobs but the one you described sounds good to me. By the way Burda Style website was advertising for just such a job not long ago. You could work from home or work in their office at Rockefeller Place. Sounds good to me but I am in the wrong country and don't have an impressive resume.
You should check it out!
Oh, I saw your pictures on Facebook. Congratulations!

Marie-Noƫlle said...

Congratulations for featuring on Vogue's Facebook. I was lol reading reading your description of your hasband.
I would love to translate pattern instructions in French. Vogue used to be excellent 20 years ago. But they are awful now. Same thing for Burda.

shams said...

lol. The utensil throwing would be great tv (people loved it when Julia Child did that sort of thing) but the lack of talking could be a real problem.

Vogue/Butterick/McCalls used to just post pics on their FB page, but people complained, so now they ask. There's a big thread about it on PR. Congrats!

Texan said...

How fun Vogue is putting your photos on their face book page!

badmomgoodmom said...

I have to remind myself that, although I am tired, this is my dream life. Or something like it.

Here's an excerpt from:

"In fourth grade we were asked to write about a day in our lives 20 years in the future. Everyone else wrote about their big homes and fancy cars. I wrote a science fiction story about going to work in my electric vehicle running off solar energy. In this story, I took my daughter to school first before going to work in a government laboratory where I did something related to space and environmental science. Maybe it was a lack of flexibility or imagination on my part, but I became exactly that."

Barbara said...

Great dream jobs! Badmomgoodmom isn't it great you are living yours.

Karen in VA said...

I actually have my dream job now. I'm self-employed, doing accounting work for nonprofits...I really like being my own boss. The downside is that I work ALOT and my creative pursuits are suffering..

Rose said...

Congratulations! I'm going to look at your pictures on facebook right now. My dream job would be working for Michael Kors, but I don't want to move from Florida and love working from home.