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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me in a leather skirt?

I have been fussing around with this pattern lately wondering what to do with it:

Your old pencil skirt is a really reliable wardrobe item. I was thinking the other day that if I still had them, I could wear the straight skirts I wore to my first job to work tomorrow and they would still be in style. How many garments can you say that about?

But from a sewing perspective a standard straight/pencil skirt (think that on me they are more magic marker skirts - whatever) can get pretty boring if you do it plain every time.

So this pattern caught my eye.

However since the real feature is all the neat seaming, I had a feeling that my original plan to make it in black gab just wasn't going to do it justice. But throwing stuff around down in the sewing room yesterday I realized I still have lots of that pleather stuff left over from the package my sister Dawn mailed me.

Bingo. I had a winner. 

However all I had to do was get my head around me in a leather (or de facto) skirt. Still. I figured it was worth a try. Leather is often pieced and it would certainly show off the stitching.

Stay tuned. Just get through the rest of the work week. 
Then hopefully you will have a chance to give this middle-aged sewist the leather look thumbs up or thumbs down.

At this point neither of us knows how this is going to turn out.


Anonymous said...

Love the design, the seams are very flattering

judidarling said...

My favorite aunt wore an ankle length leather skirt to her eightieth birthday party and looked smashing! Go for it!

Sharon said...

Yes I am seeing leather skirts on the blogs I visit and they all look good, so go for it. The seaming details will be great.

Jane M said...

Leather skirts....ageless and priceless.

Texan said...

Can't wait to see!

Janine said...

if you were not comfortable with an entirely pleather skirt perhaps using just the top side yokes in pleather would be a way to dip your toe in but I am sure you will look good in a 100% pleather skirt.

Ruthie said...

Yes am seeing and thinking myself about sewing leather skirts. I have an actual leather skin as well as various pieces of faux leather.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

why the hell not? I can see you in one!

LinB said...

My 75-year-old mother just gifted me with her ankle-length leather skirt. She gave it up reluctantly, realizing that she simply could not fasten it shut over her age-altered center of gravity. There's your proof that slim skirts are always in style, leather or not! I will not be struggling into this garment, even if it ever gets cold enough here to wear leather. Just thinking about pulling on an ersatz leather skirt makes my internal temperature go up. You go, girl!