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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vogue 8750 and Petersham waistband

That old leatherette skirt still needs a hem and a photographer.

What I can do this morning however is start commenting on the instructions for this pattern.

The supply list suggests a grosgrain ribbon for a hem facing. I think what they really mean is a proper shaped grosgrain called petersham.

I happen to have some bought in a nice little notions shop in Nottingham England (the UK really has great tailoring supplies - sewing there seems to me to be more structured) when I was  visiting my husband's daughter a few years ago. I am the kind of traveller who brings back notions but no presents for the relatives and no pictures. 

Sorry about that folks.

Anyway Nottingham is pretty far to go for waistband ribbon and I am sure you can get it online or at classy places such as do not exist in these parts.

I have used it in a few skirts and personally found it a bit rigorous for this squishy waist, but hauled it out for this project. The leatherette is sort of like bubble gum, bit of stretch, and I figured it would be stabilizing.

It is a fast and easy finish and here is how it works:

This is what Petersham looks like laid on a table. 

It may look like grosgrain but it has a curve. This fits the body. The smaller edge is top-stitched wrong side to right side of the waistline and when it flips down the wider edge curves out  a little like the skirt so it's all smooth:
Top-stitched on the right side
View from the inside, you just sew the ends to the sides of the zipper and tack it down on the inside to the seam allowances. Because of the shape of the petersham it naturally stays in place.

Outside unpressed

On another note I see in the news those two kids have finally been released from jail in Iran.

Their poor mothers. I can hear it now a few years ago, "Mom you are so uptight. Everybody goes hiking in the mountains near Iran these days. It's not like when you were a kid, just chill O.K."

Now off to teach kids like these.


Bunny said...

Too funny! You so remind me of Erma Bombeck with your fabulous writing.

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