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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hurricane Leo hits my kitchen

The leatherette skirt is done except for the hem and I actually like it a lot. The pattern is great and fits.

I am going to get some pictures and comments up tomorrow if I can - my photographer took off his Cookie Monster suit today (huge, huge hit that was) and got into the destruction side of renovation. That took him off paparazzi duty.

You may remember that a few weekends ago the downstairs bathroom was gutted. Now I have a kitchen to match. Destructo man went through layers of wall, paint, flooring, back 50+ years.

My dishwasher and only current work surface sort of
Historic layers of my kitchen as it went out the door and onto the front lawn
What was behind the wall behind the wall behind the cupboards
I am feeling somewhat disorientated. This was not something I had scheduled, planned for, or expected to be happening this fall. I had this in my four year plan and this was not the year. Right now was supposed to be year one and the kitchen was year four.

Nonetheless (is that one word?) Things had to get moved out of the way of the tornado and my house looks like someone took all my stuff and flew over the house in an airplane and dropped out all out.

Now I am not a perfect housekeeper and can live with a fair amount of chaos, but when this was not on the agenda - well it sort of makes me want to take tomorrow off to go down the basement and spend the day doing hand-washing (an activity I find particularly soothing) or putting my patterns in a new order, or go buy chocolates and have a bath in the afternoon and eat them and read a murder mystery where the hero is one of those smart alec talking PIs women who has a kitchen. (Has anyone read the Spellman series? Hilarious. ) 

Instead I believe I am booked to do a performance as an adult at a local university. How did that happen?

But when I come home tomorrow I am putting on that leatherette skirt and stand in what used to be my kitchen and get some pictures taken. Makes sense.


Texan said...

Oh my, well, ummm, I say get a bottle of Merlot and head for the tub! :O)

Kathy said...

You are definitely married to my husband or I'm married to yours or something like that. I've lived with it so I know what it's like.:0) I second Texan's suggestion!

Kathy in Oz

Bunny said...

Oh, my! Maybe you'll lose ten pounds like I did when the kitchen was torn apart, just too much aggravation to cook! I will pray for you....

Eugenia said...

My sympathies are with you. I hate it when there is 'work being done' in my home - I find it very disruptive. But think how happy you will be when it is over!