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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Up next

I probably won't get a lot of sewing done the next few days, work is very busy, today is my anniversary, and tomorrow my husband's daughter's wedding (I am talking step everything out of the vocabulary). Disappearing down to the sewing room "just for a minute" is probably not on.

I like to have at least three projects going and at least one in my head. I am doing 1261 again in a sweater knit, got the sleeve plackets pinned and ready to go on my son's two shirts (no wonder my kids have to wait years to see anything productive for them come out of sewing HQ), but I have decided to just jump in and do this next too:

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to order this pattern but well you know what I changed my mind. And yesterday some fabric came in the mail for me from my sister in Ottawa who was visiting my mother in Winnipeg and did some fabric shopping there for me, as I am so fabric deprived, and she sent me some pleather here to Halifax, if you can follow that.

Now I have never sewn pleather before and am not sure in this light if this isn't the type that is used to re-upholster car seats. I am also wondering if I should cut into my good wool crepe to sew to it, just in case it is car seat vinyl (no dis of my sister who was only buying exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it bought) but I have decided to jump in and do it anyway. Without a net, which means no muslin wearable or otherwise.

I mean why not?

Of course I will need totally new shoes to wear this providing it turns out enough to be wearable, and I am not sure, since I am well in touch with the shallowness of my usual motives, if this isn't why I have decided to make this outfit next.

Love new shoes.

Later and maybe with wedding pictures.

1 comment:

Rose said...

I love to hear about others who sew multiple projects at one time. Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one. Your new pattern will look great in pleather. Pleather is not difficult to sew as long as you use a non-stick foot on your machine.