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Friday, July 8, 2011

Inner thighs and dresses

First of all thank you to all who responded to the burning question of how to make undergarments to deal with inner thigh chaff under summer dresses.

Most informative.

I have found one pattern with potential, Jan Bones' shortie leggings  .Beth at Rusty Bobbin has made a pair and they look interesting. What I like about this pattern (which I have ordered) is it looks like there is some sort of crotch piece, so the obvious issues with a seam could be avoided. When I get the pattern and have made the up you will be the first to know.

I also wanted to talk more about Vogue 1236 and my failure to use my head and add a FBA when I was cutting out.  Here is the pattern piece and the issue:

As you can see, exactly what a person with their wits about them would notice and understand, is that it is as exactly as illustrated in the garment photo. The extra is deposited in the centre under the neckline and not over the boob area. I mean if you took those tucks out of the equation you would look at this side seam and say to yourself "I'm gonna need a FBA/dart there aren't I?"

I wish I had said this to myself.

Now the question is do I like this dress enough to go back and do a version 2 and see if I can customize it to fit?

I think I better. I am wearing version 1 as I write this and it is a great summer dress overall. So my job tonight will be to fool around with the pattern and hopefully cut out another of these.

Side note: Last night, one phase of my family dinner party ended up in my bedroom with me throwing all my summer sewing on the bed for niece, sister and sister's MIL to look at. I realized that nearly everything, apart from a few tops and pants, has been dresses. I love summer dresses. It is more or less all I sew and all I wear.

I wish I could say the same about my winter sewing. In winter I do a lot more separates and pants, although with all the heating we have there inside most buildings there is no need for pants once you have made it to where you want to go. So one of my ambitions is to make more winter dresses, of the highly wearable kind, if the pattern companies cooperate.

Now back to work. My weekend hasn't started yet.


Karen in VA said...

I have that Vogue pattern and fabric for it....I like it on you-looks very comfortable... Can you post a pic of the pattern piece once you do the fba? I know I'll have to do one, so want to copy yours!!! (please)

Kim said...

I missed the discussion about thigh rubbing but I'll give my idea here. I used to never wear skirts because of this issue. After reading an article in Men's Health of all places, they discussed antiperspirant for running shoe chafing. Yeah, seriously ;-) I figured I'd give antiperspirant a chance on the inner thighs and wow, it works so amazing! I just use my regular stuff, Degree, I think. I put it on both my inner thighs and go all day in the heat and humidity with absolutely no chafing. I use it when I run too. I could never wear shorts under things in the heat. Love your dress!

a little sewing said...

I am catching up on this topic. A while back Gertie posted something on her blog about buying a type of undergarment from American Apparel.
That made me think I'd use my pattern for exercise short.

For some reason, I prefer support in the abdominal area and that's why I preferred snug pants or shorts in the summer. But now I am loving dresses. Unless it's extremely hot, I just wear spanx. I like spanx so much better than any of the supportive panties on the market.

Patti said...

I use antiperspirant too. Works perfectly and then you don't have to worry about being hot or about the skirt riding up to show the bottom of shorts or anything.