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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jalie 2686 Pajamas

Yes I know I am behind. This weekend I definitely have to get someone to take some pants shots and get those up.

In the meantime I have been making my daughter some spring PJs to wear while she is pregnant. I used Jalie 2686 which is a terrific pattern. The only changes I made were to add length because she is tall and to eliminate the back neck facing (just serged the collar on) which I feel is a bit uncomfortable in pajamas.

I love this pattern. It is so smart. I like the collar being a little rounded, a bit retro, and I love the clever waist treatment on the pants. The back is elasticized and the front has a ribbon through it. Of course being corny I made these Easter colours.

This is one of Jalie's 20 sizes in one pattern envelope patterns that I will use in many variations for different people.

Now about the white shirts.

I haven't forgotten, just detouring on things that need to get done over the next month. I am going to be making some summer dresses for a month holiday with various family members in Florida. My DH has been working straight for nearly a year (and yes that includes many, many weekends) so we have rented a place in St. Augustine and are setting him up in the yard with the BBQ.

I am going to see if I can make some of my summer dresses with PMB to expand my software repertoire.

In the meantime too I am marking, about 130 assignments and papers over the next four weeks ... any takers? I am sure I can overnight them to you wherever you are.


Debbie Cook said...

Enabler! I didn't even know about this Jalie pattern and I thought I knew them all pretty well. Seeing as I need new PJs for myself, I think it will be on my buy list very soon.

Just give everyone an A, and they'll be happy. ;-)

Barbara said...

You are so right, no student with an A ever comes back to find out why .... You definitely know kids.

Jodie said...

I'll take them but you'll need to oversee/manage/support Sex Ed Health Day for 450 jr. high kids. The guest speakers are all booked and confirmed, schedules made, teacher resource packages handed out....but the buck stops with you. So any issues, concerns whatever....you'll need to deal with (as well as students who can't manage and behave poorly)

And it's tomorrow.

Still want to trade? 8 )

I agree with Debbie, give them a A! But if you'd rather trade....my offer is on the table!

Barbara said...

Junior high eh? You don't get a tougher crowd. You win, I'll stop whining.

Sue said...

Very nice PJ's. I didn't know Jalie had this pattern either.

arnysews said...

This is totally unrelated to your current post but I had to share.
It seems you were ahead of the pack with your white shirt project, or at least in sync with the designer elite.
Maybe it's time to give up the day job (and those ungrateful students) and get yourself one of those fancy trendspotting gigs :)