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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuning up

I had my annual Dr. visit today, all was cool, despite the fact that my doctor who is otherwise sensible, thinks that people should stay the same weight they were in high school.

He doesn't quite seem to understand that I was way too underweight in high school. A problem I have fixed since then.

It got me thinking on the drive home that I really hate going to the doctor, I mean really hate it. I would rather rip out a welt pocket than do this.

So it seems to me the point of improving your lifestyle is to reduce the times you have to go see those guys.

Which, since my doctor has a picture of himself running across the finish line in a race on his wall, got me to thinking about fitness.

There is a lot to think about. 

For instance there have to be four kinds of fitness. How fit you could be. How fit you should be. How fit you want to be. How fit you have to be to get by best you can.

The last one is all I am concerned with. All I want is to stay in the same multi-sized pattern range but have fewer lower body alterations.

Gyms don't do it for me. By the time I get home from work I am not going out again, except in we-need-milk emergencies where you at least can look forward to bringing home new lipstick too.

I have a treadmill that yes I do use, particularly since I have learned to knit and walk at the same time (go for slower speed but higher incline, it works) so I figured that maybe a workout  DVD might suit me. 

Last time I went to Cosco I threw a Pilates DVD in the cart since the core is what's shot but that didn't work out that well. Those people are crazy. Let's just leave it at that. I regretted the $14.99 I could have spent on lipstick.

So on my way home from Mr-winner-of-the-race I stopped by the local library. I adore libraries and have complete faith in them to deliver for me.

In this case though I was completely frustrated by the titles they had, which to my mind just showed a complete disconnect to the kind of people who would be reduced to borrowing exercise DVD's from the public library.

I mean do you have any idea how hard it is to find something that doesn't have the words "Burn" "Iron" "Bootcamp" "Blast, fast and endurance" on it? Where were the titles I was looking for? You know ones like:

Pilates for people who don't yet have the stomach muscles to do Pilates

Core work for woman who had really big babies a really long time ago

After work yoga for people who are stressed out working for crazy people

Exercise with good music for people who would rather be doing absolutely anything else

In the end I had to settle for a beginners pilates dvd that at least you get to sit down for on one of those exercise balls that someone keeps putting in my sewing room no matter how many times I put it out - in a routine much like Fred Flintstone putting out the pet dino.

Plus one where you exercise doing Bollywood dancing.

Listen I love Bollywood. So much. I watch through so many bad movies just so I can get to the part at the end where the whole family comes out and dances. I am a big time wedding dancer, the kind who hits the floor with the eight year old in a sweaty bow tie doing the Snake, so this makes perfect sense to me.

I will let you know how it turns out.

BTW WW online version is great - you just put in what you ate and it gives you the points, at which point you say "No kidding!" and resolve to do better tomorrow. I have lost about 1/10 of what I put on since high school since I have been on it.

I will leave you with my exercise aspirations:


Terry said...

I like that dancing but all those very slim girls in red dresses look superb. But I wonder what they will look like when they have had several large babies many years ago!!

BarbaraS said...

I laughed and laughed and laughed out loud. So true!

Jodie said...

too funny! I took pilates and liked it (beginner class) but at the end we would always do some relaxation stuff and I'd fall sound asleep....after the 2nd time the instructor had to wake me up, I thought that I needed more sleep, less fitness!
Good luck - keep us posted!

sue said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud at the end of a very long day.

Karin said...

I'm in sync with your feelings. I am doing weightwatchers online...I gained a pound this week! Seems I'd better pay more attention.

I tried to research fitness videos two weeks ago and gave up. Too much aggressive, violent chat about ripping, shredding, blasting, etc. and no objective reviews about efficacy.

I tried pilates some years back but it wasn't for me. After my first baby, my muscles were pretty torn up. I eventually prolapsed a disc while picking her up at 18months old. Then I saw a physio therapist. A really good one. I followed his exercises and my waist went in 2 inches in three weeks! I quit the exercises because he told me that once these core muscles were repaired, they exercised themselves. I haven't had trouble again. I wish I could go back to this guy and have him give me a personalised program. Alas, he moved on to work for a premiership football club. He was that good. Sigh.

Let us know how you get on with the Bollywood dancing. Something called Zumba seems to be popular here. I can't do any of this stuff because I have plantar fasciatis (messed up feet.)

Anonymous said...

Zumba is so much fun too. Our group doesn't do any Bollywood dance though, but that could change I guess.
No inhibitions with Bollywood dancing, I hope you get to do it!

Patty said...

Reading this post with my morning coffee was a great way to start the day! Amen, sister!

gMarie said...

Barb - this was perfect and hysterical. I'm soon changing jobs which will give me time to start working out again. i love the idea of a slower speed, higher incline on the treadmill so I can still knit :) g

ps - I'm also doing WW online - if only I'd get serious.

BetsyV said...

I'm still laughing, and I've read this 3 times through!

Good luck with the Bollywood dancing!

(Personally, I love going to the gym)