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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tom Jones with facelift

 O.K. It's a white shirt right?

Actually in my research to find this riveting image I found out that Mr. Jones has insured his chest hair for $7 million. 

To which there are only two questions.

Why not $6 million, why not $8 million? 

Obviously my DH is a bargain.

Which brings me to how crazy sewing makes you, if that isn't already apparent.

Monday night I was walking the dogs on the local snow covered golf course and took a header on about the 14th green. Seems it is covered in plastic, which is not obvious from the top side of the snow.

I spent the evening in the ER, and have a badly sprained ankle, a sideways knee, and, as I blog, I am on a heating pad because today "my back gave out." Something I have heard about since I was a child as in "well there he was and his back just gave right out". I always wondered what exactly that meant and where did the back go when it went.

Anyway, none of this prevented me from staying up late last night trying to get the Tom Jones shirt into something I was comfortable with and in consideration of your comments.

The picture previously posted reminded me of a sheet with a nice neckline, and I know already from 40 years of sewing that shapeless tunics don't do a thing for me. Now why don't I remember what I know when I look at new patterns?


Well, I cut off 3" making it actually 1" shorter than the original which was designed for someone at least 3" shorter than me anyway, and I took in 4" at the hem and up the sides tapering to the armhole, despite the fact that my actual hips are 2" larger than the pattern I used.

Much, much better.

I then remembered I am sort of very long waisted (which is why the super long tunics don't do I thing for me, and I couldn't wear heels in the first pictures owing to the swollen ankle thing) and that I look better with a shorter top.

I also remembered that my all time favourite skirts of this decade were the ones that I made in the fall from this Vogue pattern because of the nice normal slightly raised real waist ( I sincerely hope that lower waist, belly hanging waistlines do not come back into style in my lifetime).

So I hopped/crawled to the closet and put the Tom Jones shirt on again tucked into one of those skirts and did the bathroom mirror shot-at-midnight.

I couldn't go back to bed until I had resolved this, but I went to sleep happy. This works for me.

I know this behaviour makes perfect sense to you.

A correction: for those of you who may have looked at this last night I, mistakenly, posted a picture of a Tom Jones impersonator at the top of this post. Merci to Nathalie for catching this and sending me this much nicer, and much more accurate TJ photo.


arnysews said...

Of course this behaviour makes perfect sense - doesn't everyone do that?! Love the shirt.
Thanks for the Tom Jones pic, I am a fan from way back, despite the chest hair. I'm off to crank up my Tom Jones greatest hits CD while I do the laundry.

SEWN said...

This makes perfect sense to the person who, just last night at 10:30pm, decided it was perfectly rational to unpick a serged neckline to reattach an imperfect neckband. :) I like the shirt much better now.

Lori said...

Makes perfect sense to me, great job on the shirt.

sdBev-JoplinJacket said...

OMG I had DH laughing as I read your blog out loud. BTW, I love the changes you did to your shirt too.

Jazzie Casas said...

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gMarie said...

Love the make over of the shirt. It is lovely now. It's amazing how we forget what we know - isn't it? g