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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Live shots of Tom Jones at the Sewing Guild

Last night I went to the local sewing guild meeting, I have rejoined in anticipation of my move to part-time work in the Spring, and had my friend Sheila take these pictures.

I am afraid they make me look like a maniac, and also feel that may be a representative look for me.

It is in interesting blouse but not sure if I know how to wear it. I feel it is really long too. I am 5'9" and added only 2" to the length, but am not sure if it could do with a cut-off. What do you think? How much?

I tried it with the vest which does help to pack it in a little - that's an awful lot of white fabric.

The girls at the Guild commented that some of them thought it looked better without the vest and also that a lighter fabric would have helped - something more drapey like a rayon. As is when I belt it I get sort of a Tutu look.

The issue with a lighter fabric of course is show through, which I didn't like because I knew I would be wearing this with jeans.

All you stylists out there, what do you think my options are? What is your feedback? 

That said I am generally pretty pleased with this a a ruffly shirt, and find the neckline quite pretty and certainly very easy to sew - just strips topstitched down at intervals.


velosews said...

Cool looking outfit.

Irene said...

Personally, I love this blouse. Looks great on you. Perhaps you need to try it with different vests to see more potential. What about a waist-length vest? What about belting it more loosely and just below the waist? Play around with it. Be a shame if you hung it up and didn't wear it.

BetsyV said...

I think I'd hack off 6 or 8" and wear it tucked in, but I'm 5'4" not 5'9" and that height difference is very hard to "see" in a photo.

I like it better with the vest. I can see how a belt might make the fabric behave like a tutu - probably not a good idea. A softer drapier fabric would fall nicely-er from a belt than this.

I really like the ruffles on you!

a little sewing said...

You've mentioned "show-through" that comes along with a lighter weight fabric. I don't like sheer fabrics, either - so I made some nude-colored "undershirts".
I bought silk charmeuse to match my skin color as closely as possible and I used a raglan sleeve style pattern with a V-neck. I can pull it on over my head. I cropped the sleeves so short that they look like cap sleeves and I put shoulder pads in them. I made a couple of them and I have worn them to death (still going strong). They prevent any see-through at all. Also, they help my older shirts fit me better because of the need for shoulder pads.
Fortunately, I recently altered my shirt pattern so I no longer need shoulder pads to prevent big old drag lines. Anyway, opacity. That's what is on my mind:) enabling you to buy more sheer fabrics to get the drape for which you yearn. Also congrats to you that you'll work part time in the spring.

a little sewing said...

And while I am commenting, I really like the length as it is, especially with the vest in the last picture. Very nice!

Shannon said...

Personally, I adore Tom Jones - that man has soul!! So dressing like Tom Jones is not a bad thing in my book.

Besides, now when people say "what's new, pussycat? You can respond, "It's not usual" to sew an awesome blouse. And, when they look at you in this fab outfit, they'll think, "she's a lady."

Okay, I'll stop now...

debbie said...

Personally I like the shirt but not with that vest! Try one that's shorter maybe high hip. Try a low slung belt that's a bit looser so it doesn't make the fabric tent out.
As far as shortening I'd try somewhere just past your bum.

Alethia said...

Very cute blouse~ great blog post!!
I can't wait to finish my first white blouse....

Anonymous said...

The top looks great. I like the ruffles on the front and on the sleeve. How about a shorter vest, perhaps that's slightly fitted through the waist giving you some shape? Or maybe belting it loosely around the hip area?

jennywren said...

Another great blouse. I love the neckline and sleeves - just frilly enough without getting 'twee'.
Personally I would shorten it to the 'break of the leg' - shame not to show off the full length of your leg! I would also take it in a smidge at the bottom sides and then add a split of 4 or 5 inches so you would still have ease of movement but with a straighter line. That would probably lose the tutu look when belted.
I really like the idea of the 'undershirts' that 'a little on the side' describes. I too hate to wear see-through clothes and usually end up wearing a sleeveless top underneath.

sdBev said...

I think it's a great blouse. Like it best with the vest.

Anonymous said...

Personal opinion: it's a bit long when worn alone. I like it best with the vest, even at the current length. I'm like you, tall but with the length all in the torso and relatively short legs, boo hoo.