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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's also going on

The calendar is telling me this morning that once again I am not going to fulfill the resolution I made last December 25th at about 11:00 p.m. to be more organized this Christmas. 

I will be lucky to get my marks in and next term ready by then and at least two of my white shirts done.

One thing I have been doing is knitting for a bit in the evenings. My idea is to try and make one home-made thing to go with the bought presents at least. Here are the socks I have made for my 11 year old niece:

And the scarf I started last night while I was watching Dancing with the Stars (my mom called me especially to make sure I didn't miss it - they are all super indignant about Bristol Palin - with Sarah strategically posed behind the judges so she is in the shots - will some one please pack up that crew and send them home- permanently) for my 10 year old niece Sophia who is still in the pink and purple stage.

I also made some really nice socks for my daughter but I can't show you those. 

I put them away in a safe place so she wouldn't find them in case she came over and started looking around my sewing room and I can't find them anywhere.

Not anywhere. 

I do this all the time before Christmas, hide things away and then end up hiding things only from myself. I have torn the place apart this morning and all I can say is that they must be in a really safe place.

Busy day today, will have another go later.

I have yet more marking to do and am on alert for the mailman. My daughter is having trouble finding a snow suit for the baby - she is a size 2 at top and a size 3 at the bottom (see how young this nonsense starts?) that is warm enough.

So I have volunteered to "whip one up" and am waiting on patterns from both Jalie and MacPhee Workshops so I can get started. Which ever one comes first is the one I am cutting.

In the meantime the Case of the Missing Christmas Socks is going to bug me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Your socks are gorgeous!!! Such beautiful knitting, so even and smooth.

Eugenia said...

Lovely socks - gorgeous colours!

RuthieK said...

socks will turn up in Jan!