Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Found them

Between paper marking I walked around my sewing room and found where I had hidden my missing pair of gift socks from myself.

Literally had to retrace my steps. There is too much random stuff flying around in my head this week and bouncing off the inside of my brain.

So here they are, evidence that I just don't watch the news ...

They are actually more or less the same size - I think it is the angle of the shot that makes the one in the foreground look larger.

Back to papers.


Sue said...

Gorgeous!! Is that just a variegated yarn you have used and that's how it knitted up? Just beautiful.

Barbara said...

These socks are in my absolute favourite sock yarn so far http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visgarn.php?garn=Fabel

It has a nice twist so it doesn't split on those fine needles and just feels good and silky in your hands. Plus the colours are cool.

couturetteinenglish said...

Oh, you just made me remeber a pair of half-finished socks which are lying around here. I picked them up again yesterday evening.
I love the green yarn!