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Monday, October 25, 2010

White shirt updates

Thanks to all of you who said you are interested in a sewing along with me. This makes it even more interesting.

If you blog and will be posting about this can you send me your blog address so I can post a central list? Or if that is too organized just drop in with a comment as you go along. 

I also want to thank Robin for pointing out that every doesn't look great in pure white (anyone who has ever gone bridal shopping knows this) so off-white or ivory or something similar makes sense too.

I am going to research this all this week (and try to source some fabrics for real classic fabrics - any suggestions?) and will be sending an email off to Michael's in Baltimore today for a start.

My goal is to use a different pattern or view every time and as many different white fabrics as I can.

I am also spending my free time this week making a mouse costume for our baby. Been a while since I did the Hallowe'en costume thing. My daughter wondered if I would be too busy - over this grandmother's body are we going down to Walmart.

Lots to think about.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Count me in for the sew-along, I'm planning on five white shirts.

a little sewing on the side said...

Contacting Michael is a great idea. I was just in there a couple weeks ago and I bought a piece of white shirting. Mine has a teensy bit of lycra in it.

I am mulling and, for me it boils down to these 2 options:

same pattern /different fabrics
different patterns /white fabrics

I am in a time crunch and I need maximum productivity. And, begrudgingly, I have decided I am willing to change threads if I sew different fabrics.
Does that mean I still get to play along? I really cannot justify buying more white fabric when I already have so many pretty shirtings begging to be sewn.

Beth H said...

Fun! I'd like to play!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Just making up the post for my blog so I can say I'm in for sure.

Ann's Fashion Studio

Anonymous said...

Please add me in. I may only make one shirt but that's better than none, I guess!