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Friday, October 29, 2010

The usefulness of the white blouse, or shirt

I found this pattern in my collection and thought you might enjoy it. 

Image the sewer this was designed for. I am fairly sure that I had a teacher in school who made this jumper and at least a few of these white blouses. 

And of course some in my 10 are going to be blouses too, not just shirts. The gender divide doesn't seem to me to be particularly significant here, and I will probably want to honour white shirt makers who have gone before, like the purchasers of this blouse pattern. The view with the tie appeals the most.

In the meantime I have one first project figured out now and have been busy contacting the suppliers you have connected me to in your comments. Michael at Michael's Fabrics has offered swatches  (he is putting 20 in the mail to me) and I have to say it is awfully nice to talk to an actual  person when planning something like this. I will keep you posted, and post, on fabrics.

I have also been contacted by Lori from the Sew Forth Now podcast  for an interview on this project and will let you know when that will  be available to hear.

It's 5:40 a.m. and I am off soon on my day off to pick up baby Scarlett for sitting so my daughter can do a shift at work -  she's a nurse - that will give me some time too to do some Mouse Suit fitting.

More later. TGIF to us all.


Anonymous said...

How excited having an interview with Lori on Sew Forth Now. The pattern you showed looks very versatile.

Jodie said...

As I write this it's 5;40am....in Alberta! How funny and connected we are. I'm "girding my loins" and enjoying a cup of coffee and some quiet before I head into school and face my jr. high students on the last school day before Halloween....I'm hoping to find the energy to find them funny and laugh at their distractions. Luckily There is a dance in the afternoon and they'll have a place to burn off that energy.

I found shirting and am using a blouse pattern as my first white shirt. It's one I have made up before in a sleeveless version and am looking forward to it's slightly dressier sleeved incarnation in my wardrobe. Barring any unforeseen blah, blah, blah....hoping to get it cut out this weekend and any interfacing dealt with. We'll see how I do.

Enjoy your time with your "little mouse".
Happy Halloween everyone!

Connie said...

The above pattern brings back memories. I made a very similar v-neck jumper with patch pockets when I started sewing for myself in junior high. (Of course, it was hemmed much shorter.)

View 2 with the tie would be very nice. Do you have a fabric in mind for this view?

SewingLibrarian said...

I like view one with the collar that stands away from the neck. And the princess seaming is great. I hope you use this one - I"d like to see it made up. Good luck with your project. And yes, isn't Michael great (and Sherri too!)

LisaB said...

Barbara, I would love to read your thoughts on what makes a garment a blouse vs. a shirt. I don't think I could define the difference if my life depended on it, though I'd probably mumble something about a shirt being more casual and a blouse being more dressy. Should you ever need ideas for blog posts, perhaps you could share your thoughts on this.

a little sewing on the side said...

I am curious about the difference between a short and a blouse, too. Off the top of my head, I'd say a shirt has more parts to it than a blouse. There is a collar stand, a yoke and a sleeve placket, for starters.
I'm just dipping into David Page Coffin's book on shirt making. It is really good!!

Barbara, a podcast sounds fun! I can't wait to hear more. Seeing that pattern makes me want jumpers, too. They are so useful. We need to bring them back.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The interview sounds like fun.

I love the jumper too. They look great and I like that they can be worn with a blouse or top like a wool turtleneck. It makes for a very comfortable and warm outfit.

Can you tell me what the pattern is on the line drawing on your project button? I like that style.