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Thursday, October 7, 2010

UFOs done

I am the last sewer in the globe who has not make a "cozy" cardigan and here it is, vastly shorter than the original I cut out, by about 8" at the side. I didn't want those pointy things dragging on the ground. This is fine for casual wear and finally uses up some heavy rayon knit that has been harassing me.  The pattern is an out-of-print Vogue, and the best part is the shell which fits perfectly.

I have learned to look at the tops in designer patterns, those little extra garments that are thrown in. You don't get a designer T shirt or plain blouse offered on its own, but the extra care that goes into designing these garments really makes a difference - but you have to search the Designer Sportswear sections to find them.

The completely boring LBD is made from my TNT Wild Ginger sheath pattern. I have had no luck with WG pants but this dress does fit, particularly in the bodice. WG has a thing called a "dart over ride" that essentially adds in a FBA by shifting those little peaks of fabric at the armhole to the bust. I have an old version of the software and should revisit it but first I have to redo some of those measurements and that will require some time.

I hate sewing this dress, it is so boring, but I will probably get a far bit of wear from it - to funerals, under jackets, and with a blouse underneath as a jumper. I would probably try to wear something more stylish or at least red to those events where everyone else is wearing black dresses with pearls, instead of this dress. Don't want to start getting too age appropriate.

Feels good to have these in the out basket.

1 comment:

BetsyV said...

You're not the last one to have made a cozy wrap, I am! And I don't expect to make one, either, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle.

I love the dress. It fits beautifully.