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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cleaning the bathroom top

I have written a fair bit lately about something I have been considering, which is that what you wear everyday is as important, if not more so, than what you wear "out." 

I admit to a vanity about my work clothes. I teach the each of my classes 24 times each term. I try to keep my wardrobe at a point where I wear a different outfit each of those 24 times (actually a fairly modest goal to have. I needed these many work clothes when I was in an office 5-6 days a week). This is my sewing goal.

I do this for several reason. 1. Because it gives me a reason to sew more 2. Because so many young girls these days come to classes very slobby (is that a word?) and as we have co-op, intern terms, as part of our degree, I want to make the point that you need to dress professionally. I want them to know you need to put effort into what you are wearing even when you are an older woman like me, when you are well past the boyfriend catching stage and essentially entered into the period where you are dressing for yourself.

So this is my work wardrobe, but the fact remains I spend far more time in my home wear than I do in my teaching clothes- and will be doing even more of that when I officially go two days a week as of April. 

As a result I have a current focus on domestic wear. This T shirt, Simplicity 3790 is part of that campaign. 

I made it out of some navy cotton single knit I had hanging around and used as a wearable muslin.

I am super happy with this top. I cut a 14 and added a bit at the sides, but as the top picture shows I needed a FBA. I had hoped that the gathering would take care of that but it didn't. The gathers are only in the centre so I should have seen that coming. Taking pictures is fantastic for drawing your attention to how your clothes really fit and work. My issue is a Chicken Little neck and shoulders and a shape that gets bigger as it goes down.

This is a great tunic type T shirt and has enough shape to elevate it from the standard gathered maternity looking top. A draperyer knit (doing a lot of word invention this morning) would, well, drape better but I am quite happy with this one. A definite addition to the small collection of tops I will wear over the new narrower pants and a pattern I will make again, with a FBA. Thank you Debbie Cook for being my reference on that.


Karin said...

It's looks good enough to wear more places than just to clean the bathroom!

Sewfast said...

Yeah! That top is pretty enough to sweep the kitchen floor too! I like it...I had been considering that pattern and now may have to go pick it up! :) JoAnn's has Simplicity for 99 cents this weekend!

Eugenia said...

Beautiful top - I love the style of the neckline and the colour. Far too good for cleaning the bathroom - it doesn't bear thinking about what I wear to do mine!

Karin van D. said...

Great top. I love the colour on you and the drapeyness is beautiful.

Debbie Cook said...

I was going to comment about how pretty this top is. Imagine my surprise when I got to the bottom of the post and saw my name. LOL! I'm happy you find that info useful. I've learned so much from online friends and sources too!