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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sewing in my head

Not sure how much I will be sewing this weekend. 

My husband has had it confirmed that he is going back to Tennessee for the winter, with time off to come home at Christmas, and leaving in a few weeks. So between some school work I need to get caught up on this weekend, and things we are doing to "winterize"me and the house (the fridge died yesterday - only a few years old - GE side-by-side- won't be buying another one of those, and the furnace is leaking ...), I am not sure how many times I am going to get to go down to my sewing room.

Too bad, because I have three versions of this Vogue T shirt cut out and I am itching to get them done. I realize that since I found out I will be batching it, at least week nights while my son is away at college too, he often comes home for the weekends, I have been making comfort clothes.

My work wardrobe is pretty developed.  I am waiting only on some dress fabric that I had sent to my son in DC from Michael's in Baltimore, but I have been feeling a lack of new things to wear this winter, when it is me and the dogs in the house in evenings after work.

So this weekend it looks like I will be doing some sewing in my head. Thinking of projects that I might do, or goals I might set for myself this winter between my own trips south to visit.

Here they are:

1. I am too random for contests but am wondering about Patternview sew-alongs. There is a cardigan one going and one for pajamas. Both are on my list. I have never made a cardigan and have three pieces of nice wool sweater knit, and a definite pj request from my daughter.

2. Outer wear. When all the kids were little I used to make all the winter jackets and snow pants. I was the master of warm clothing. We live in a port city on the North Atlantic and I live at the top of a hill. The elementary school is at the bottom of that hill. My kids used to come home for lunch and so walked up and down that hill four times a day.

My middle son, who has climbed Kilimanjaro, said he felt his whole childhood had been one big training session.

I made winter clothes out of waterproof, windproof fabric, called Commander,  lined with Polar Fleece that I had sewed insulation to,  too. They used to come into the house with sweat pouring down their faces, poor kids.

The thing is, these units I made for them wore like iron. In fact my mom has sent back to me a girl's winter jacket and pants I made for one sister's kids one year,  and eventually was worn by three families. My mom sent it on in case Scarlett could wear it one day (I need to take a picture this weekend). It's as good as new.

Lately, I have been thinking, as the weather gets colder, that I should be making a big girl's version for this winter. I know how. There is also an winter wear contest coming up at PR.

3. I had this crazy idea that I should make 10 white shirts, as a way of seeing if you really can never have too many white shirts, and as a way of stretching my creativity - I mean who would sew 10 white shirts all the same unless they were dressing a choir?

4. More shirts/blouses in general. They really are the only true trans-seasonal garments.

What do you think?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I must be crazy too because I like the 10 white shirts idea too! Although I don't think I'd make 10 from the same pattern...maybe 5 and then 5 different ones!

Busy Mom said...
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a little sewing on the side said...

As per usual, we are thinking about some of the same things. I'm leaning towards sewing up some white shirts next. I am so tired of trying to figure out style & fashion, so I am also thinking about sewing up some more black pants. In the end, these get worn a lot.

And I finished my coat - hoping fervently it is as long-wearing as your coats for the kids were. The coat I bought last year was worn out at the end of the year.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I wear a lot of white and black so I too like the idea of all these white shirts. There are a lot of nice white fabrics so each shirt could be a different fabric.

jemilyea said...

I just have to comment on how much I enjoy reading your blog. Today I saw in my blog reader that you had a new post, and I decided to save it for last since it would be interesting and/or though-provoking. You did not disappoint!

Jodie said...

I'm a fan of black and white myself and could get on board the white shirt sew-a-thon....maybe not 10...5 though....would knits count too? I like it!

As for sewing winter wear - My mother did the same! And since I'm living in Edmonton, Alberta and both dog walk and have outside supervision (teacher) I'm all about warm winter gear. I have a beautiful warm cashmere wool coat my husband bought me which I love...but would like to replicate with a little more warmth sewn in. If you are thinking wool "dress" coat, Threads magazine issue #121, October/November 2005 has a good article for adding in wind guards, storm cuffs, zip in vests for extra cold days, etc. When I finally collect all the pieces (pattern, fabric, etc) I'll certainly build some of these ideas in. I like to be outside in the winter but I hate to be cold.
Barbara, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and am sorry to hear that you will be alone for much of the fall/winter. Hopefully you can get winterized without too much difficulty. We've had a lovely fall out here in Alberta, but flurries are predicted for early next week - I'm sure my hats/mitts snowboots are going to be put into use soon.

Speaking of winter gear - I'm in the hunt for a warm winter hat. Doesn't need to be stylish, I'm looking for something to wear dog-walking. I accidently "felted" my last hat and reduced it to child sized unintentionally. Something with earflaps would be good. I'm thinking fleece and found the Shelby Kaava pattern online. Does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations?