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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In praise of my coverstitch

Last spring when I was in Knoxville TN I picked up  Janome 900, not the latest coverstitch model, for a really great price. My serger at home, a Pfaff 4860 (which does an excellent overlock stitch), already does a coverstitch but to use it involves moving a lever over on the foot, lowering the knife and the stitch finger, a complete re-thread and taking out and re-positioning two needles. After that, and I have timed this, it takes about 40 frustrating minutes to get it to actually stitch right - don't know why. My nerves. Not what I feel like doing when all I have is a yard or so of hemming to do on that that fast-to-sew knit shirt.

I complained about all of this to a sewing machine guy I know, who was trained in a European sewing machine factory, and he said to me that really the more functions are added into a machine the more fussy they get, particularly sergers because there is just such a small space to fit so many mechanical actions in.

So it was an indulgence to buy another machine to just do a coverhem (the price was about a third of what I would have paid in Canada) but I am sooo glad I did.

My simple little Janome is totally reliable, and because it does one thing, easy to thread. After years of fussy around I am so happy to just sit down and zip around a hem - stress free.

This is important because my BMV order came yesterday. When this busy day is over I want to try a new pattern for a multi-cup sized tunic shirt.

My sewing machine friend also passed on some good tips on sewing machines and if I get a chance later I will post them too.

Now off to get this day on the road. I am a bit tired this morning after more late night knitting. Looks like I am going to have to get Christmas pushed back this year to meet all my deadlines.


Lori said...

You will so enjoy the coverstitch machine, it makes hemming those knit garments so easy and fun.

Irene said...

You're making me jealous! And why is it that prices are so much cheaper in the US? Only problem, though with purchasing in the States, as far as I know - your warranty is null. On the bright side - you may never need to take advantage of that warranty!

Linda T said...

I have this same machine. Had it for 2 or 3 years (maybe 4). It is a gem. Never given me a problem (hope I'm not jinxing myself for saying that). I think you will love it!

lilly said...
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Barbara said...

I appreciate and enjoy all comments, however the word hate will not appear on this blog written by me or anyone else. Hope you understand.