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Thursday, September 9, 2010

You have to see this

If you haven't already pop over to Anna's blog, scroll down, and have a good look at her housedress.

I am absolutely crazy about this dress. It really speaks to me. I have seen so many capri and T shirt uniforms this summer and have worn them myself. But I do love dresses. I think  we forget that women used to make and wear a special kind of work dress for everyday.

There is something easy about this that makes me remember. A woman's bare feet going down the wood boards of a hall to make the coffee before anyone else was up. An ironing basket. Housedresses on my father's aunts on the farm and the very thin gold bands on hands that were always smoothing something down. The dresses my mother and her friends used to order out of the catalogue so they could stand behind screen doors and say to us "you're not coming in yet. Stay out and play. I'm doing the floors."

There is something so comfortable and comforting about the look of Anna's dress.

When did we stop sewing housedresses?


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

When pants and then jeans showed up. I remember my grandmother wore housedresses well into the late was just what women wore!!!

LindaNan said...

I'm laughing because this morning I finished a "housedress" in a very bright floral print in rayon. They are so comfortable to wear especially where I live in south Maui.

NuJoi said...

I remember my mother's. It was a 70s legend!

BJ in TX said...

Yeah, I think women wearing the pants in the family ended all those cute little house dresses! I'm of a certain age, so remember my mother in dresses until the '90s. She discovered pants and never wore another dress. I'm ready to go the other way - back to the dresses - they are so darn cute, no matter what drudgery you're performing!