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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Vogues I liked and why

Completely wearable and interesting skirt, and yes I will see if I can find a zipper for the back that doesn't look like it should go in a kid's parka. The top too is very nice, can be worn in or out, with a jacket or not. What's not to like?

Both this dress and the skirt below have gathers across the middle which worked for me in the Queen dress so I may step out and try again. More comfortable maybe and easier on the stomach than a tight front. We'll see, worth a try for sure and the dress is for a stretch woven. I teach long hours on my feet and comfortable is good.

A beautiful dress and not sure if I have an event in mind for this one, but if an event appears in my social calendar I know what pattern I will be reaching for.


Nancy (nanflan) said...

OK, keep in mind that I live in New Mexico where our winters are mild, so that jacket would totally work for me. And come to think of it I have a dolman sleeved sweater like the other Donna Karan pattern (granted it has a back and no turtleneck but the profile is similar).

Of this set, the first 2 patterns do nothing for me. I already have similar patterns so I don't need more of the same. Plus, I can probably buy similar at Dillards or Macys.

I added the skirt set to my wish list last night. I like the ruching, but there are also a couple of views that are really classic (the ones with the tabs at the waist. A nice versatile pattern.

We can both agree on that last one, it's gorgeous. The trick with that one will be the fabric--I appears to be a substantial knit and you know how hard it can be to locate.

a little sewing on the side said...

hmm, I do like the last draped drss, too, but I couldn't wear that. My neck and upper chest are toooooo loooong. I love the gray dress - so much so that I plan to tweak my recent New Look sheath dress pattern to get that look.
Skirt very cute. VERY cute.

a little sewing on the side said...

hmm, a moment of clarity about that draped gray dress: it's not just my long neck and long upper chest - it is the combination of that with my sloping shoulders. I get a chill just looking at it.
But I realize that will be a wonderfully flattering dress for most women.

But... while I am pondering, I get your point about something being "dated" but to me this dress has just as much potential to look dated some day as the rest of the styles. Someday people will be tired of all that darn fabric. But we should wear it now and enjoy it.

Barbara said...

Thank you both so much for your comments, and for making me think and think hard. I always worry that I will become one of those old ladies who gets to a certain moment in fashion and levels off and stays there and I will have to be careful that this is not that moment for me.

Oh to live in a climate like New Mexico and not to have to factor sleet and winds off the North Atlantic into the equation, this is of course why my people retire south, and to work in an environment that, unlike my university, does not consider lipstick fashion forward.

Thank you both for taking the time to respond and to you in particular, Nanflan for sharing some well-thought out ideas.

Now the trick will be to actually start sewing some of these things up and seeing how they look in life.

Claire S. said...

We're on the same page - I thought pretty much the same as you on the new Vogues.

This is, of course, the opinion of another Maritimer. Growing up in very windy, non-metropolitan, non-fashion-forward Saint John formed my fashion sense - it's all about comfort and warmth !

Even now, in Montreal, I don't live the life that requires (or the figure that works with) those first couple of patterns. The 4 in this post, though, I really like. My wish list has just grown by 4.

That being said, I can't wait to see what Erica B creates I'm sure they'll be fabulous !