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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fall Vogues 1201 and 1202 follow-up

Interested in the response to my last post on the two Vogues that make no sense to me.

Glad to know that there are sewers out there who can see the potential in these patterns when I can't, and look forward to seeing them on real people to see if I change my mind. Noted that the wonderful Erica B liked them both and will be looking forward to her renditions.

Have to say though that I have my doubts and these are what they are:

1. Wearability. This is enormously important to me. If I put it on I don't want to have to think about it, only enjoy it. A long sleeved top with no back to me would be too cold in some areas and/or too warm in others. I also note that there are shoulder pads (always tricky in knits because you get that old 1980s show through) and that the collar on that top is fastened at the back neck by snaps. Myself I wouldn't expect snaps to hold a stretchy knit (and I would hate to be sewing them in) and when there is no back to your top, you sure want those snaps to hold. I don't like clothes to worry me. 

Same goes for the jacket with those pants. Supposed to be made out of faux fur or velvet and that collar would be warm too. More snaps, hope they would hold too, and I am just not a fan of coats and jackets that don't close up securely. I live in Canada. Who would wear a warm jacket that left most of their upper body uncovered? And an outerwear garment that requires a belt to hold it on would be about as reliable as a housecoat worn on the bus to work IMO.

2. Datability - as in you show a picture of yourself in this to kids in a few years and they say "I can't believe you wore this", like they do when they see those power suit giant shoulder pad pictures - I mean the Obama girls aren't going to be saying that about their mom. There is fashion and there is style. Both these outfits have a "best before pretty soon" look to me. You know these are outfits that you could wear once and feel very current in but not want to wear again at least not with the same people. Wear you rather than you wear it outfits.

3. Flatter - OK if you have the sort of body that could be quite beautifully wrapped in Saran wrap that shirred skirt would be fine for you. On me it would articulate what I am carrying in front of me and what I am hauling behind me. Enough said on that. 

And those pants. Well we have worn those before and they sure were comfy. Could put a hairbrush, a sandwich and a library book in the pocket room you had under those pleats but I am not sure that big around where I am big works for me. However I do wonder if I am just suffering from fashion shock here and that once I get reused to this profile in pants that I might decide I like them. New styles have grown on me before. This one may take a while.

So none of this is to show distain just concern and honesty for what doesn't work for me.

Which brings me to something else that a comment from Carolyn triggered in me.

I started to sew because I was not standard size. 5'9" at 12 did not leave many options. I bet too that the sewing community has more original shapes than the general population (or more probably higher fit standards) so it amazes me that an industry that caters, depends on us, has done so little to acknowledge that there is no size to fashion.

OK end of rave.

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a little sewing on the side said...

oh how you make me laugh! So, of course I have to weigh in on this. I really like both of those outfits. Would I? Could I? umm, no, not really. When I was younger I was slim enough to carry off both of those styles. I really wish I'd had the fitting know-how back then. "Know-how" is a euphemism for "find a teacher!" I still struggle to fit myself and feel so happy to have access to good teachers for help.