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Friday, April 3, 2009

This is what I am thinking

A post or two ago I wrote about the how-fashionable-to-be dilemma and the significance of accessories. Here is a photo from the G20 photostream that shows exactly what I am thinking. This shot is of Mme. de Silva from Brazil and is very interesting for several reasons. They are:

1. She looks so chic. Relaxed, comfortable and fashionable. Notice the simplicity of what she is wearing, a good quality fabric ( I would say silk), covered buttons, shawl collar and simple solid shell. She could wear this suit for years.
2. Ease. Not too fitted and the skirt has a surprising amount of ease, probably comfortable for sitting and walking. Those wives, probably very accomplished women in their own lives, get stuck doing a lot of that at these events I am sure.
3. Classic and careful grooming. Notice the nails, nice make-up, good jewelry but only simple earrings.
4. OK look at that purse. Colourful and interesting, expresses her personality and makes her look stylish and hip and raises the whole outfit from matronly to fashionable.

I often think that many sewers, like the one who writes this blog, spend far too much money on fabric and patterns and find it hard to allocate cash to just accessories. How many of us custom our purses and say earrings to every outfit? How many of us default to the old standbys like my silver hoops?

By contrast I would like to offer up other approaches to being fashionable as put forward in this Spring's Vogue's new releases:

 I rest my case.


ACorgiHouse said...

Could NOT have said it better! K

gwensews said...

Somehow, it seems moe acceptable to spend a lot of money on fabric and patterns than on accessories. Why is that?

Vogue, I think, is trying to put itself into bankruptsy!

Linda T said...

I hear you. I'm trying to go with more solids and neutrals (and sew from the stash!)