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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Letting down the rear

As Robyn noted after my last post I was not in high spirits pants wise. It is time to come clean and say why. For some reason completely beyond me, my second pair from grey fabric was a disaster, or maybe it all showed more in the grey. The rear end puckered in unbelievably and after all my effort what I produced was a world class wadder. Pretty shocking as you can see. It has taken me a couple of days to recover.

Anyway regaining my composure I
started reading through my pivot and slide reference and came across a solution for a low, and I presume aging, rear which involved scooping out the seam not so much in as to drop it down, sort of scoop out the bottom right up to the inseam intersection. Really all this is, is sculpting out a shape only at the back out of the top of the inseam. Lowering the the bottom really down into the leg. Pulling these pants out of the corner where they landed the other night, I tried that and this, in a bad blurry photo is the result. Still a loose pull-on pair of pants but you can see what a difference this makes. I may of actually over done it but point is these pants no longer look like I am wearing Depends.

Definitely an educational experience if not a great pair of pants, but this whole process has moved me one step closer to understanding what works for me in one real area of fitting challenge,

Of course I debated the wisdom of posting such unflattering pictures but decided in the end that the whole purpose of this was to learn, and that someone else might find some fitting strategy that might help them too.

To quote Mao (actually this is the only Maoist quote I know) the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Step one.

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