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Monday, October 13, 2008

Final duct tape pants

In between Thanksgiving dinners making and other weekend activity like reading the online news and fretting about the markets, I did a bit of sewing. In fact I made two versions of my very loose duct tape pattern pull-on elastic waist pants, the black version pictured here.

I am moderately happy with them. Since this is mid-term week and I am making up and giving  exams for over a hundred students in the next few days this is what my evaluation of this particular version would be:

Interesting experiment Barbara, a good start and evidence of real effort. However not sure that you reached all the goals you set for yourself. Your difficulties with the duct tape method you have identified with the wrinkling may be partially responsible for some of the difficulties I see here, perhaps choice of fabric, and possibly the shape of the original pants you copied. The front and shorter crotch length certainly seems to work for you and this is a learning experience that you can carry forward into your next project. I can see however that the fit over your rear end continues to present some challenges. Despite excellent email advice from Katherine in Australia your vertical wrinkling still persists and crotch grab has not been as visually eliminated as it may in fact seem to you when you are actually wearing these pants.

Quite simply, these are pants that definitely look better coming than going.

That said I do recognize that these pants are elastic waist, wide, and casual and that it would perhaps be unfair to apply to them the same criterion that I would apply to say a tailored pair in a firmer fabric. On the subject of fabric I see from your own notes that you used a rayon/polyester/spandex blend and I wonder if the fact that your fabric has some stretch in it has been problematic and contributes somewhat to the droop factor.

My own advice is that for future projects with this pattern you stick to suitable drapey wovens and that in that context this pattern might make more sense for loose summer linen pants, much like the original you copied.

Good effort, considerable room for improvement, look forward to your next assignment.


Again more evidence I have lost it.


katherine h said...

It may be hard to see wrinkles in the black fabric, but these pants look great on my computer screen...both coming and going!

Barbara said...

Thanks Katherine, your advice was great. We will see how the next version goes. I will prep the pattern and rehearse the method this week and sew up a new trial pair this weekend, we'll see how that goes.