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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pattern candidates

For two of my test projects I am going to have to find basic pant patterns to work from. I have already decided to use a Burda to test the Murphy method and another commercial pattern for pivot and slide.

So far these are my Burda candidates. Off course the green pants, Burda 3114 have a fly front, but all
 other details are what I am looking for and I think I can just transfer the zipper to the side without distorting the pattern. The leg on these pair of pants is slightly flared and I know that wider is fashionable this season so I will have to figure out if they are still appropriate. The second Burda, 8087, has a wider leg. I will have to choose one for testing purposes - anyone have an opinion on the remaining shelf life of slightly flared legs? I find the line flattering but don't want to date myself any more than I already do on a daily basis.

Finding a basic pants pattern from the other pattern companies is in fact harder than I thought, have a look for yourself. Lots of fiddly detail and trendy shapes, but a pair of pants that might end up as possible repeat items - not so much.

Finally I did what I always do and looked in the Wardrobe section of the pattern collections for a simple pattern and came up with this for a plain, side zipper, natural waist pant, Simplicity 3539. One step forward in the planning process. Now maybe I can find time this weekend to nip out and pick these up (once I have made my Burda decision) between heavy duty housecleaning, more baking and things I promised I would do weeks ago like book a coffee urn.


Heather said...

I can't comment on the viability of the wide leg versus narrower one as I am struggling with style myself (although I do like the look of the print pair with the wider leg). I just wanted to let you know that Fabricville has 5 Simplicity or New Look patterns on for $5 this weekend ($1 each). A good chance to pick up 3539 which you picked out.

Barbara said...

Excellent Heather, thanks so much for the heads up I now have my pattern. Thought what you said about the pant legs and I think I will go with the wider leg pant as it is comparable to the other patterns I will be using. Now back to Fabricville ...