Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stylearc sleeves

Just a quick note before I go back to marking. My Stylearc Pleated Pia top was a wadder.

I don't like wadders.

I have scrawny arms so it was disappointing to have to throw it out because the sleeves turned out to be negative ease, and just impossible to talk myself into thinking they would be OK. Too bad because it was cool fabric.

As usual there was a lot of operator error here because I went back to the swatch and it was more or less a slinky knit, not my old cotton lycra knit and I guess, like the Stylearc pants, an understanding of stretchability is really important.

FYI I compared the sleeve circumference to the Renfrew, which I haven't made, and the sleeve was a full 2 1/2" narrower.

So if you are smarter than I was you might want to double check the Stylearc sleeve measurements before you cut.

Wish I had.


badmomgoodmom said...

There is no way from the pattern illustration that I would even suspect that the sleeve has negative ease.

annie said...

Enough leftover fabric for some sort of gusset?

Vicki said...

Why not recut the sleeves? If you don't have enough of the same fabric then use different fabric - it is very in to use different fabric on the sleeves. Also why not sleeveless? Spring can't be that far away? Perfect for under a cardigan.

Anonymous said...

I made the Pia for my sister and I tried it on before I gave it to her. I used a gorgeous fabric slinky knit and it worked it out great. I also brought the neckline up 2 inches.
But I do measure arms all the time because I have made patterns (Style Arc, Vogue, etc) and I find the arms can be too tight for m, shall we say, typical old lady arm.
BTW, I am a prairie girl and face guards have been mandatory this year! Thanks for your humour - you crack me up.