Friday, August 12, 2011

Important clarification

I need to make sure you all know I am the step-mother of the bride, not the MOB. 

The bride's mother is a great person and absolutely terrific to me, it's important she gets full credit for raising a wonderful girl with my husband, even long after they divorced. Generosity of spirit is not always evident in this world but it it has been Beth's gift to us all to have made that one of the ground rules in this blended family. We are all pretty lucky.


LinB said...

Yes, you are lucky. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Jodie said...

A lovely family. I'm a step-mom as well, and know that the journey can be made smooth or difficult depending on the nature of the "moms" involved. It looks like it was a lovely evening, congratulations to all of you!

shams said...

Gracious post. :) But you still look great and I love that family picture!