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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Oasis dress from Sinclair patterns

 Continuing with my catch up reviews of various patterns (I am working up to my reviews of the new Jalies next) here is one of the Oasis knit dress from Sinclair patterns.

I am always on the lookout for easy to wear knit dresses and I thought the asymmetrical waist on this one looked interesting. To be truthful I was sorry to see empire waistlines fade out of fashion. I am long waisted and they suit me by redressing that balance.

Apart from pinning all the pleats in place, this is an extremely fast and easy pattern. Both the neckline and cap sleeves are finished with bands.

I made my own version in bamboo knit from Watertower textiles, an excellent source for quality bamboo knits, one of my favourite fabrics.

Here are two shots that give slightly different views of the dress. 

It's very comfortable to wear and was particularly popular with my husband and oldest granddaughter for some reason. It probably would have looked more elegant if I hadn't been wearing clogs, but it is another of the house dress editions I guess.


Carol said...

I love the style! I am wondering if I would be able to adapt the pattern for forward shoulders. Are the front and back identical except for the necklines? Is it possible to alter this type of pattern?

Barbara said...

I think so Carol. It’s essentially a T shirt,I think you could just shift the shoulder line forward.

Anonymous said...

Clear red is such a magical color for you!


KCsewer said...

The deep scoop neckline on so many of these dress/t-shirt patterns is not at all flattering for me. So I typically create a higher neckline with a more gentle curve. But today I decided to try a v-neck using your crossover V neckline technique for the first time. I love it! A smooth, precise center point and, for me, a much more flattering look. Thank you so much! I have both of your books and they are hugely helpful in so many ways.

Bunny said...

Men seem to love red, some sort of mating thing deep in their genes, I suspect, a bit like birds. It looks wonderful on you.This is my idea of a great house dress. Feminine (shows that upper body with the knit), comfy and loose, easy to move around in. Love it! Great color on you and I love the shoes.