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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Flypaper thoughts first of August version

  • You are kidding
  • August 1st?
  • After a year of everything going too slow
  • This came on too fast
  • However in two weeks I will be seeing my kids in the US
  • About time, about time
  • We all need more hellos and fewer goodbyes
  • I have spent the last month
  • Sewing for everyone
  • Treading water at the bottom of water slides
  • Saying you can do it you can do it
  • Having dinners with the table full after a long, long pause
  • Remembering my recipes for crowds
  • Hearing about heat waves everywhere else
  • While I think I feel fall in the air here
  • And writing
  • Few projects there
  • This year has taught more than all the meditation apps 
  • In the world could
  • About the present moment
  • And it's gifts being all you've got
  • The rest is not in our hands
  • Which is a good thing
  • Our hands are busy enough
  • I am a meditation drop out
  • Tried and tried but failed
  • And it's supposed to be the answer to everything
  • Let those thoughts float by like clouds
  • And let them go
  • But what if those thoughts are these
  • When did I last take the dog out to pee
  • What if I dried those herbs in the Intsapot
  • When was the last time I watered the herbs
  • How many buttons do I need for that shirt
  • Seven or eight
  • I wish I was in NYC
  • I get the best buttons there
  • I need some shell buttons
  • The ones that look plain on the front but like pearly shells 
  • On the side you can't see
  • That's quality
  • How many buttons would I have to buy 
  • To justify a trip to NYC
  • What am I saying
  • Who needs to justify button buying
  • However at the moment it is just one shirt
  • My neighbour's son has been transferred to Moscow
  • She thought he was coming home
  • When my boys where little
  • Her husband cut off the pickets to the fence
  • That separate our yards
  • He was worried either his boys or mine
  • Would impale themselves 
  • When they went over that fence
  • As they did 8,000 times a day
  • Playing games
  • That involved the older boys inventing
  • Elaborate challenges for the younger ones
  • For admission into some club
  • Where only older boys got to do the fun stuff
  • But the younger guys never figured out
  • Since they were too busy running around the block five times
  • As instructed
  • Well now they are in Calgary, Edmonton, Berkeley, Austin and Moscow
  • And we have a different fence
  • The grapes are out in the vine around my window
  • I can hear the raccoons running across the roof at night
  • Not light on their feet
  • My neighbour across the street told me that he saw 4-5 of them up there one night
  • My big laugh of the week
  • Was some poor soul trying to sell door-to-door security systems
  • Ha I already have one
  • She's called Mrs. Smith
  • Also across the street
  • One foot in the front door and the phone rings
  • You left the trunk open on the car
  • You dropped a mitt on the driveway
  • She does the day shift
  • Barry does the night shift
  • That's why he's on top of the raccoon situation
  • No I don't need an app for that
  • Not sure I need an app for much
  • Sorry about that
  • Sewing is my meditation
  • And after I sew sometimes I am rewarded with a look like this
  • On a face like this
  • Beats clouds


Moosiemoose said...

This is blog poetry. With you on mediation. And its not the amount of buttons you would get in NYC but that you were able to get the buttons you need (and loved, and could see on a future project...). Ha. I have collected buttons for years and probably have what you need. They might be there by the time you get back from your trip as I live in WA, USA. Jean

Moosiemoose said...

And I forgot to mention wonderful picture of a happy customer. Priceless. Jean

Sherry said...

I look forward to each edition of Flypaper thoughts. You always bring little rays of light and laugh out loud humor into our lives. Thank you for continuing to take the time and effort to write and post.

Sarah Wale said...

Thank you for another perfect Flypaper post - they make my day when they come in. You always talk so much sense, share your love of life and family and your wonderful sense of humour.
Your raccoons should meet my seagulls ... hobnailed boots are the least of it. A few days ago there was a heck of a racket sounding like rocks on the steel roof. Went to investigate and saw two gulls taking it in turns to roll as stale bun (where did that come from?!)down the roof while the other slid down to retrieve it and take his turn with the rolling. Good game!
We're just turning the corner on winter, here in New Zealand, and the first daffodils and fruit tree blossoms are starting to appear. Perfection!

BarbaraShowell said...

I don’t think the instant pot dries anything, unless you have the air fryer lid one. I got bunches of those buttons and the world best kinds of interfacing from Peter Lappins source, Pam Emmy at Fashion sewing supply online store. Good stuff. US based, but you could get it mailed to a kids house and pick it up there.
That’s one satisfiedlooking kid in his lux robe!

Unknown said...

Oh my, this is the first time to read your blog, so delightful. A wonderful blend with my morning coffee! Thank you!

Janet said...

Hi Barb, I have buttons you might like, some are white pearly, with a metal shank on the back. Were uniform buttons. I have more that I will ever need. I am on Dunbrack. I am trying to "small down". Contact me if interested. Janet

Margie GK said...

I have been reading some of your older blogs 10 years +. It is nice to read about someone else’s sewing that you can relate to. I sew but not as much as you do, even though I am retired and do have the time. I also enjoyed reading about the future of the big four and independent pattern companies. Interesting how in the US we can buy patterns on sale for a few dollars and not so in other countries.

Margie Kosch. Lakewood, Ohio. USA