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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Flypaper thoughts: random version

  • The weirdness in the air is continuing
  • Has anyone else noticed that strange things are coming out of the blue these days
  • The man across the street, self-described as a young 75
  • Has taken to courtly escorting another neighbour
  • Someone who works shifts
  • Down the long hill towards her workplace
  • He gets up at 6:00 am to do this
  • Like he was going to be walking down that hill this time anyway
  • And he is always weeding on his lawn the time she walks by at night
  • Who needs TV I ask you?
  • When the pandemic has made the stories of the neighbourhood
  • More interesting than anything anyone could make up
  • A few months ago my youngest son moved home to here, after working in the US for a few years
  • The actual morning after he arrived and he talked about his plans to be home
  • He got a great job offer back in Texas
  • You would understand 
  • That the morning of the day I would drive him to the airport in the evening
  • I got up at 5:00 am and made him a shirt and linen pants
  • To wear in Austin and a heat we don't have here

  • For a while now I have felt a compulsion to sew
  • To get something out that was in
  • Does sewing do that for you?
  • I just knew I had to get sewing
  • Of course most of the things I have made
  • Have been for other people
  • I never remember to ask for pictures
  • Tomorrow it will be a seersucker nightgown for one girl
  • Pants for my sister
  • Tops for my husband 
  • A housecoat for my daughter
  • And a couple of dresses for me
  • I have decided that with the way my life is going
  • It has to be packable
  • So that's interesting
  • The linens are being washed and dried
  • Is an instapot better than a slow cooker?
  • From the point of view of sewing not cooking
  • I am threatening to make myself a two piece this year
  • Again the kids will pretend to not recognize me if I do
  • And clothes for someone to wear to junior high
  • That's a hard age to dress
  • Girls seem to be offered only the too revealing or nothing
  • Going to be interesting to figure this one out
  • Nova Scotia is unbelievably beautiful in summer
  • Just spectacular
  • Always hard to believe the recovery that comes after the icebox winter
  • I think I sew my own springs
  • To be illustrated as we go


Camomile said...

Regarding two-piece suits: a few years ago I was at a lake in Texas, it was hot and I was either wet with sweat or with lake water. The bathrooms were icky. I had to peel the whole swimsuit down my sticky-wet body, but make sure that it definitely didn't touch the floor or anything else. Then, drag it back up my sticky-wet body without it or me touching anything in the stall. I guess that's not so hard, but it wasn't so easy either and I decided one-piece suits were an impractical modesty I was unwilling to suffer for.

bbarna said...

I love the Jalie tankini. I just made the top a touch longer. I was very late to the Instapot party. I made myself use it every day for over a week, to get a feel for it. I feel it is superior to the crock pot for several reasons. The saute feature allows you to brown your meat in the same pot as you will cook in, no extra dirty pots. It makes great risotto, excels at cheaper cuts of meat and gives you no excuse not to cook more with dried beans (I forgot to soak them over night...doesn't matter now). I will keep my crockpot for keeping dishes warm on the buffet, but the Instapot (mine is acctually a Cuisinart pressure cooker), is a must have. The only accessory that I have purchased is a silicon trivet/lifter that I use when I cook ribs.

Carol in Denver said...

I admired the wonderful shirt you sewed for your son, then saw it neatly folded with the pants. It seemed like an expression of the great love a mother has for a son who will be leaving her, but too tiny for the fullness in her heart. I burst into tears, loving mama.

Amy Bailes said...

Yes! An instant pot is better than a slow cooker!!!

Kansas Sky said...

A shoutout from the middle of the continent! Always a joy to see a new post from you. I’m sad to hear your son has gone back south, but glad he has such a nifty shirt!!!

Marg in Alberta said...

My friend was saying this morning that she buys two piece swimsuits for her 5 year old and throws out the top and replaces it was a rash guard (tshirt in swimsuit material). Better sun protection and better trips to the bathroom than a one piece! Brilliant.

The Instant Pot is SO MUCH BETTER than a slow cooker. After two weeks with the IP I gave our slow cooker away. All my food tastes so much better, especially our wild game meat.

Bunny said...

If you want to slow cook, and instapot is not the best way to go. Stick with your good ole crockpot. However, if you want to do a whole lot of other things like make cheese, yogurt, get perfect hardboiled eggs that peel in one swoop as well as make a yummy dinner with one easy to clean pot, get the Insta. If you want to throw a piece of chuck and some carrots and potatoes into a pot and go to work and come home and just have to call everyone to eat, stick with the crock pot. I have both and use both all the time.

sewsan said...

The instant pot is great. I love it for soups, refried beans (so much better than the stuff that comes in a can),oatmeal, meats, perfect hard boiled eggs. . I'm known for my lack of skill (and interest) in all things culinary, and the instant pot has tremendously improved the quality of the meals I make. The one thing i don't like is its slow cooker function, so if you have meals that you love done in the slow cooker, I'd hold onto the slow cooker as well if you have room for both.

ElleC said...

An Instant Pot is way better than a slow cooker. I have 2 slow cookers that I use only for keeping food warm at Christmas time. The best thing about an Instant Pot is the fact that whatever you are cooking in it requires zero attention until it is done (great for sewists). My fave things to cook in it; vegetarian meals for my husband using dried beans, potatoes (no boiling over), hard boiled eggs, and egg bites (better and cheaper than Starbucks). I have found myself wondering it I could replace my cook top with several Instant Pots???

Anonymous said...

Sigh. So nice that your son got a great job, but too bad it wasn't after a bit of time for you to dote on him. I don't get enough of that with my grown boys either.