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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, October 16, 2020

Flypaper thoughts Friday night edition

  • These are interesting times
  • For some reason the screen on my phone just said
  • You have no new destinations
  • I was a bit offended
  • I consider myself a person who always has a destination
  • Even if it was the fabric store
  • But, let's face it not now
  • Not these times
  • Not real destinations
  • But let me tell you when I am able to pack my bags I will
  • You see all my trips have someone I love at the other end of them
  • My husband is away during the weeks for a bit
  • Off doing a contract and staying somewhere in an AirBnB
  • Always a cook and even more always an eccentric
  • He has discovered that in-ground heating, as this place has
  • Is excellent for making bread rise
  • I keep getting pictures of multiple fluffy loaves
  • He is now starting to take in breakfast to the guys on the project
  • Meanwhile back at the ranch I still have racoons on the roof
  • 8,000 fruit flies in the kitchen
  • And yes, the mice are back
  • I am expecting breakfast in bed tomorrow
  • Amazon delivered humane mouse traps
  • They look like toy trains
  • I am somewhat relieved they appear to be useless
  • I hadn't thought ahead to the part where I am supposed to drive trapped mice in little boxes with me in the car
  • To a far away location where I will tip them out and they can go to someone else's house
  • And hopefully not back in the car
  • I have mice in the house because my husband
  • Before he went off to bake bread for coworkers
  • Climbed into his basement workshop through a window
  • Because my niece was sleeping in the basement
  • And he didn't want to disturb her with the stairs
  • He is ingenious like that
  • And he left the window open for two days
  • I guess when he went off to do the next interesting thing
  • The mice noticed but at least the racoons didn't
  • I have been sewing pants in my spare time
  • Three pairs for my mom and four for my daughter
  • The same pattern actually because we have a family body
  • Except my mom's inseam is about 2 feet shorter
  • Just like she is
  • I will post a review soon because it was a free pattern
  • And excellent
  • Some news is
  • Daisy has been declared cancer free
  • Really what else matters?
  • Not a lot 
  • What's the vote on I should get a cat?
  • Any thoughts on how it would get along with the dogs
  • Yes I am babysitting my son's older border collie at the moment
  • That's two quiet dogs in the house now
  • The grandchildren are all for it
  • But they liked the turquoise glasses
  • So take that into account
  • Change is interesting
  • I generally deal with it with a sledgehammer
  • Figure out what I can make out of it
  • So I don't look back
  • But now I have no destination
  • According to my phone
  • So for a while where I am going
  • Is here
  • Maybe the next change
  • Will be in me


Laurinda said...

Always yes to a cat. Sit quietly with the litter, & wait for one to climb into your lap & to go sleep. You'll be rewarded with a real lovey <3

I liked the turquoise glasses too, but my last 3 pairs have been purple, so my tastes in colors are more... rainbowy

Sox said...

I know when you decide to get a cat you will take your dog along when you go to pick one to make sure they can be friends.

Moosiemoose said...

That is wonderful news about Daisy. Thank you for the update and the smiles and laughter. I am not sure which I would have a harder time with-the mice or any kind of mouse trap. Hope you can get them to move on soon. Jean

Sarah Wale said...

I love your husband - he is definitely one out of the box!
Pants for women ... never enough pockets. I use the extra 2 feet (maybe not quite that much , but enough) to make pockets for pants that don't have any, either bought ones or home-made ones.
Why don't women;'s pants have pockets? I bought some a while ago and discovered the pockets were mocks - just style features with no pocket - I soon altered that, with the surplus length I had to cut off.
Great news about Daisy - such a relief for you all.
Cats are great for chasing mice if you aren't allergic to them. get a kitten and bring it up around the dog(s. But be prepared to be given birds and mice as presents every now and then.
Your grandchildren are right. The Turquoise glasses should stay!
Don't change toooo much; we love you as you are!
Enjoy whatever comes next ... and stay well.

SheilaM said...

The humane mousetraps work, my husband always dropped the mice off in the same place so they might find each other :-) Cats also work and do live well with dogs. The mice were at my mums house who had a dog only and at ours we have 2 cats and dogs and no mice!

I am also certain that you will improve yourself further, I admire all that you have acheived and there will no doubt go onto achieve more.... so not moving about may mean no new destination in the travel sense... but that won't stop your internal 'rise to the challenge-ness' from taking you somewhere!

Keep safe x

Anne J said...

Yes to a cat that knows what to do with mice. Our cat’s have been better than any mouse trap. Of course, part of that is deterrent. If you get a young cat or kitten, it will adapt to the dogs.

JustGail said...

We had cats and a dog, the the cats were there first. I'm not sure if that makes a difference on how well they got along. Or if it was adult cats and bringing in a puppy. The old cat took one look at puppy and gave her a very loud hiss and (no claws) swat right on the nose. Puppy never bothered the inside cats after. The outside cats she would chase if they ran first though.

There's such a thing as a quiet border collie?! All the ones I've seen have been full of energy waiting for their next task, and woe if you didn't give them a job. They'd find something to do themselves and most likely NOT what you wanted done. Like excavate the sofa stuffing.

The grandkids and other commenters are right - keep the turquoise glasses!

Ellen said...

I love having a cat in my life. Our cat is a great mouser and vole-r. She brings them inside all the time, because if it's fun to chase a rodent outside, it's even more fun to chase it inside with Ellen & Hubby chasing the rodent too! I hope you get a cat who likes to share a little less than ours.

I love your turquoise glasses.

I always enjoy yours posts; they make me giggle and think hard- quite a combo!

paloverdeblooms said...

Who will take care of a cat when you go off on your long trips (especially your winter ones that last for months)? Bringing a new animal into your household is not something to be done lightly as it is a commitment for the life of the animal that you are making. Many things to be considered before you bring home a new family member.

Leigh in Portland (we are not burning down) said...

I think I have 10,000 fruit flies. And those darned mice.
So glad about Daisy! That is really good news.

Barbara said...

Palaoverdeblooms, thanks for the comment. My animals are like my children. When I travel they go with me, one of the advantages of the RV.