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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Spring 2020 Jalie patterns: Bianca top and dress

My fabric shelves have been spitting up a whole bunch of fabrics that I have picked up over the years with no real idea of when or how I was going to use them.

The bright striped rayon challis I used to make this dress was one of those pieces. When I was considering Jalie's new Bianca top and dress pattern I realized that the centre front and back seams, plus the optional arm band/cap sleeves, presented some opportunities to play around with the stripes.

First the pattern:

This is a nice basic pattern that just pulls over the head without any closure. It also includes an interesting pattern for a fabric belt I might make some time and optional pockets. I left both of those details off since there was more than enough going on with the stripes.

I am actually pretty pleased with this dress. It has a simple shape but isn't too boxy as some of these sack type dresses are. I have decided that what makes this work for me is that the shoulder fit isn't too loose. I also think the drape of the challis works well with this pattern and I am going to be making several more out of similar fabric. I am always looking for fast sews for comfortable dresses for spring and summer.

I also think I will try this again in a knit and will probably go down one size for that. Real potential here.


Sarah Wale said...

The clever use of the stripes really lifts what could be a very ordinary dress several notches in the style stakes. Challis is a lovely fabric, suitable for every season, and I used to use it a lot but it is quite hard to find now in the limited number of fabric shops I have at my disposal in rural New Zealand. I will have to devote some serious time to fabric shopping next time I make the 5 hour drive down to Auckland, once lockdown is over!
Thanks for your continued posts and keep on Blogging.
Stay safe,everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Babs - Love this pattern and the dress
Might try this if I can get some fabric some time soon


BrewerBarbara said...

LOVE those stripes! Cheerful colors, too, which is just what we need.

Anonymous said...

Your version is much more attractive than the pattern envelop! Looks like a great pull on top, too.


Natasha said...

This is really cute! I like this dress more now that you have shown us your version. This is a great pattern/fabric match. Happy sewing!

SewRuthie said...

Hi Barbara, I love the way you have used the stripes. What is the back like? cheers Ruthie

SK Daniels said...

Well, I caught up this morning on your posts. Can I remember all my comments? Probably not. The striped Jalie dress is flattering, surprisingly, considering the boxy cut. Masterful use of stripes and fabric. How do you see potential in patterns with almost no shape? I am glad to know that Jalie sizes are close together. The skirt pattern is one I would decide I could cut without a pattern but eventually would learn I needed a pattern. Very nice lines. The short Romy has potential but I don't have your nice square shoulders to hold it up. Do you know how lucky you are?

You have a way of reaching down through the gizzard and finding the gist of the matter. Who knew to describe my organizational system as emotional? No wonder I can't find anything two weeks later. Everything has changed.

What is wrong with me for craving attention because I made broth out of vegetables peel and chicken bones? I resent all the time in the kitchen because it takes away from my sewing and painting, but I can't help myself. I am morally obligated to live up to my pioneer roots. Is this something to resist?

Always looking forward to your next post!

Judith Newman said...

LIke this one - clever use of the stripes. Looks good on you. I looked more closely at the pattern - think I'd want to extend the sleeves for me, maybe even insert a drop shoulder/sleeve. I will have to look at the pattern again.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I really like this on you and manipulating the stripes adds a dimension to the dress that a solid fabric wouldn't.

Cathie said...

I love mixing fabrics, and especially stripes! And I love challis! Stay safe, Cathie near Montreal!