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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Flypaper thoughts another homebody edition

  • My middle son texted me and noted that this has been a great time for people to rediscover hobbies
  • It is actually a time that has reminded me that my whole life is already about hobbies
  • What is fading for me was whatever I ever did that was not a hobby
  • You could say that we have gone pretty seamlessly into stay at home mode
  • I have learned a few things
  • And have wondered a few things while I have been homebound
  • I have been making stock
  • So much easier than figuring out grocery delivery
  • Actual saved vegetable peel stock like they say you should 
  • Never was desperate enough to do it before
  • You know it's pretty good
  • Discovered my husband is quite the sewist
  • He personally made over 100 masks
  • I have been stalking Ravelry looking for patterns
  • Just in case I am issued another lifetime or two
  • To do all that knitting
  • Learned to knit with my left hand to be faster
  • Since I am not sure about that second lifetime issue
  • Really is faster
  • Tell me
  • Why do all crochet patterns call for synthetic yarn?
  • Yarns no knitter would use
  • Same patterns would be so much nicer in natural fiber yarn
  • I have been sewing from my shelves
  • Of course
  • When I was away my niece's boyfriend who is also my son-in-law's nephew
  • Moved my sewing room to a different level of the house
  • On the request of my husband who wants to renovate the basement
  • They figured this out via text when I wasn't pay attention
  • Note to self
  • Have you ever had your entire sewing room, fabric, and supplies 
  • Reorganized by an electrician?
  • He put things in logical l order
  • Colour coded my threads
  • Neatly folded all my fabric by type
  • Really disorienting
  • Going to take time to get things back to where they should be 
  • I had everything organized by emotion
  • Things like mending 
  • Out of sight of course
  • The projects I would like make next in the middle of the current project
  • To maximize my distraction
  • Glamorous projects in full view in case I start to be a glamorous person
  • Stuff stuffed in drawers when I am on a roll
  • Too inspired for neatness
  • Vintage patterns bought because I once sewed the originals 30 years ago
  • I had things organized by hope
  • Does this make sense to you?
  • I have many things that I will never use 
  • But I am soothed by the illusion I might
  • Like that metal EAZI welt pocket gadget
  • Been meaning to try that out since I was sewing vintage 
  • When it was current style
  • I have gone out and looked at the buds in the branches
  • And appreciated the swagger of the neighbourhood cats
  • And pleased dogs wondering why they are getting extra walks these days
  • I am finding things in my own house and my own self
  • I didn't know I had
  • Or had forgotten
  • But remembered who I am and where I come from


MakeitAnyWear said...

I LOL'd starting with logical order,.
This was one your bests.

Sheri said...

I just have to let you know your posts always make my day!

Elle said...

Love your posts--always make me smile. And sometimes have a think or two.

Patricia said...

Best post ever, smiling and tears of laughter here! My husband says I cannot file to save myself, which is odd considering the years I spent in admin. Now I know what it is I do: the sewing room is filed by emotion, just as you say. I love your clarity so much!! Yes to everything, project I will next make in middle of current one? check! Stuff stuffed here and there when busy creating? check! Patterns bought again because I loved the originals? check! Nothing is in logical order of colour or type, but I can always put my hand to what I want :) Ha ha re the pleased dogs, lots of them around here. I am sewing my way through isolation too, getting the stash down a bit. So I can build in up again later.... Cheers P.

Fashionista said...

I crochet and would NEVER use synthetic yarn! It's too hard on your fingers. In this isolation my daughter has taking up knitting and in her words "you've turned my into a yarn snob". My work here is done :)

Moosiemoose said...

Your posts are so wonderful. It was another laugh out loud moment. Hopefully you will get your new room in an order conducive to your needs (not someone else's logic regardless of how logical it might be). And I think our sewing rooms/areas are based on hopes. That is what grabs us when we see a piece of fabric we must have. I hope you and yours are all safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your community. Jean

Jean S. said...

I love reading your flypaper thoughts, thank you for sharing these! I am so happy to have words to describe what I see when I look around my sewing room: projects ordered by emotion and hope. So true! The current state of my sewing room looks like the inside of my brain, which is having trouble concentrating on any project for too long right now. Knitting is helping. Enjoy reorganizing and take good care.

Patty said...

Organizing your fabric by emotion and hope is perfect!

Debbie said...

Thinking of you and all Nova Scotians during this terrible time of tragedy in your province. Sending hugs from Ontario.

LinB said...

"Organized by hope" makes sense if you consider your pattern collection to be a bunch of paper dreams. I do.

Loretta said...

And I thought I was the only one who couldn’t resist a vintage pattern I’d once sewn! All the while tossing patterns from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’, you get the idea!

Sherry said...

Yes, your Flypaper Thoughts make perfect sense to me, and I look forward to reading each post. Thanks for continuing to share them with us!

garnet128 said...

That one statement (2 lines) that your niece's boyfriend moved your sewing room while you were gone struck horror in me. I would not, could not EVER allow this to happen and my husband knows this. I would be on the floor sobbing. I have a method to my mess and it has taken me some time to get it this way. My hubby makes suggestions occasionally and I shoo him out right away. We have even joked (he thinks it was joking....NOT) that if I should become incapacitated in some way that he is not to do anything with my sewing room until I am in the grave. Somehow I would know and It would break my heart.
With all that said, can you imagine the time and effort your niece's boyfriend put into this reorg. That was REALLY sweet and time consuming.

Kathleen Crawford said...

I knew where everything was in my sewing room until a "Professional Organizer" and my husband spent 2 days in it. Afterwards I am spending years trying to fix it. I still find outdated checks mixed in with a stray zipper and a pattern. You would think that all patterns would be grouped together, all zippers grouped together, but no .... It was a huge mess. I have been so discouraged that I am now getting ready to take everything out and start over to see what I have.

I don't like others touching my hopes and dreams either. Now that I am home I have the time to organize my room.

Thank you for your thoughts. You are a bright spot in my day.

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

I'm dying thinking of my son, a telecommunication electrician moving my sewing room. He's an absolute perfectionist, my fabric, threads, yarn and patterns would all be together by color that I am sure of! I also file by emotion, especially the one where I don't think my husband really needs to see this newly acquired fabric so it gets emotionally thrown into the closet to be rediscovered another day, like Christmas gifts under the tree. Mostly I would die having someone else trying figure out how all of that fit into here. I would love to interview the guy who was hired to make the move to hear his thoughts and hopes.

Thank you for the fun. I love your Flypaper Thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful flag ,
Sadness in Nova Scotia .
From south- western Ontario.

Cathie said...

Great post, and great responses. We took a happiness Challenge class from Concordia, on-line. The teacher, Gillian Beth Leithman, said it is imperative to have another project lined up at all times, so you don't crash. I so agree. As depression is always with me I believe in having a gazzilion projects to get to, all filled with hopes and dreams. Stay safe. Cathie near Montreal!

JustGail said...

ooooohhh, that's just... wrong! The move & reorganizing without your being there that is. I don't think I've heard of organizing by emotion, but then again I *do* hide the mending in my sewing room. Now to the important questions -
- did you gain space with the move
- or more natural light or better view
- storage area
- is this a permanent move
- or will your room get moved back after the renovation
- without your supervision on putting things away

I gave away all the acrylic yarn, except for 1 small skein to work out how to do various stitches. Some of it is nice - sadly it's usually baby yarn that's only available in a few pastel colors. Haven't they heard babies love color?

There will be lots of sad puppies when life goes back to normal and their humans go back to work. Probably some very happy ones too. I hope those that got adopted during this time stay adopted and not returned because "no time".

So sorry about that shooting nastiness in Nova Scotia.

Sandra Parker said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine someone organizing for me! I re-organized my sewing room in January and set for myself a ban on buying new fabric. Then the stay at home order rolled around so I'm happily spending at least 4 hours sewing EVERY DAY!! I have everything where I want it and can easily access my fabric stash, except for the huge bag under my son's bed. I haven't gone into that one yet. Thank God for hobbies, I don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't sew. I love your posts, they make me LOL. Stay safe....

Charlotte said...

Your flypaper thoughts really resonate with me. I have never been more grateful that sewing is my lifelong hobby.

Carol Lee said...

My son used to come over and reorganize my kitchen cabinets and drawers. He had some good ideas but it would take me a couple of weeks to find things. My fabrics are organized by fabric type and recorded on a spreadsheet with all kinds of info like color, print, yardage, where and when bought, pattern if I had something specific in mind - but when I read each entry, I know exactly what piece it is, I often remember the store or factory warehouse or sewing expo where I bought it, and I often remember a detailed and dear story about that piece of fabric. But of course there are the special pieces that were pulled out and put on a “special project” shelf, or the box of various trims and laces inherited from many friends and relatives. And I don’t suppose there’s any rhyme or reason how the new shelves in my sewing closet have been stocked. I love that comment above that “organized by hope makes sense if you consider your pattern collection to be a bunch of paper dreams.” I’m going to put that up on the wall above my auntie’s treadle machine.