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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Flypaper thoughts illustrated from the production room

  • Fairly certain that sewing to-do list for this season would be enough to get me committed
  • Diagnosis totally out of touch with time and space
  • Sometime tomorrow some folks are likely to be bumped from the handmade to Amazon delivered
  • About to go into Titanic mode
  • Women and children are saved first
  • Or in this case sewn for first
  • My oldest granddaughter has been invited to a family New Year's Eve party
  • This is huge Babsie she said
  • We are staying up to midnight
  • Grown ups and kids will be there
  • Pause
  • Really fancy and I mean fancy
  • There will be snacks
  • So I made her a dress that in her ten year old mind will be glamorous
  • Jalie's Bella, super easy

  • As sparkly as I could make it
  • As to there rest of them the production line has been conveying belt along

  • You my people will know exactly what this is
  • And what it represents
  • In the middle of all of this my husband has decided to learn to sew
  • Randomly he bought a Touch and Sew in a cabinet and is in love with it
  • Some men buy red sports cars at this stage
  • Or dye their hair and decide they haven't lost their touch
  • Which is true only in their own minds
  • And I guess other men are happy with a Touch and Sew
  • He is pinning his patterns down with safety pins
  • Which I haven't seen before
  • A lot of things I haven't seen before
  • You just never know do you
  • Not to be dropped from my list is a request for a red velvet jacket with a white fur Peter Pan collar
  • Every eight year old should have one
  • Someone's mom has been watching White Christmas with the kids again
  • How can I not make that too?
  • For what a small sliver of life does someone want a white fur Peter Pan collar?
  • Can't let that slip by
  • In one month we will be on the road in the RV for three months
  • If you live in the Southern US and SW I will wave
  • We will trade one cocoon with dog to a smaller cocoon
  • Still with dog
  • I have to pack for that at some point
  • Between the shortbread making and the Amazon waiting
  • What are the chances that someone would be happy with half a sock?


Anonymous said...

The dress is indeed really fancy and I know we can depend on the wearer to accessorize. I'm looking forward to all these finished products you are hinting at, as well as your husband's sewing projects. I need to check out what exactly makes a Touch and Sew different.


garnet128 said...

My husband 'at that stage' went for a kayak. Much less expensive than a little sports car.

I have a Touch and Sew in the cabinet still. Mom purchased in the 60's (I think) and I inherited in the 90's. Used it maybe 10 years and was a great machine until a gear broke. Took it to a local vacuum / machine repair shop and they messed up the bobbin alignment horribly. I have several other machines so I have never fixed that problem. I should get on that.

Very pretty dress for the 10 year old.

Sherry said...

Love, love, your sense of humor and your Flypaper Thoughts. Thank you!

Sox said...

This 54-year-old mind things the Bella dress is pretty glamorous!

Kansas Sky said...

❣️. SHOUTING “Merry Christmas! to you 🀢🏻‼️. You are making me smile. πŸŽ„❣️

Anonymous said...

I love your flypaper thoughts, and I thank you for your newsletters. They are really informative!

Sheri said...

I just wanted to tell you that your flypaper thoughts always make my day! I always enjoy your posts, but those ones are my favorite!

Sandra-Kay (TN) said...

I love to read your thoughts when I need a sanity grounding! If you should be committed for having a sewing to-do list at this season, I wonder what is going on with me that I am searching for sewing entertainment today? It's been 7 days since your last post. What am I supposed to do?

SuzyQ said...

Actually some of my fondest Christmas present memories are the half-done by my mom. Hand-knit mittens with no thumbs, dresses with buttonholes but no buttons...I am so grateful that I grew up understanding how hard my mom worked to create these gifts of love.

Carol Lee said...

I’m a little behind in my blog-reading, and I’m loving your Christmas sewing for granddaughters. The red velvet jacket with white fur collar made me think of the pink leopard-print fake fur coat with black velveteen collar and cuffs that I once made for a niece on the other side of the country. She was thrilled, and her mothers told me how much they appreciated it. “She is a girly-girl, and she wouldn’t have anything like that coat if she depended on us to think of it!” And tell your husband that my second hand Touch and Sew was one of my favorite sewing machines ever. If he’s going to do buttonholes, he should look for one of those Greist buttonholer attachments in the pink Jetsons case.
Moxie Carol