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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Red boiled wool coat

Before you all fall over when you see a blog post from me let me show you a red boiled wool coat I made. 

Despite my vacancy from the blogosphere I have been family event busy and sewing my brains out. So much of what I have made is off to the recipients, unphotographed. Sometimes real life makes it to the front of the line before recorded life.

Not shown here are the yellow wool socks I made for a new girlfriend up from Texas. We didn't want her to go into cold weather shock and write off Nova Scotia just because it was November, a fairly miserable month outdone only by February, you know that time of the year I personally will be thawing out in Texas. I figured if her feet were warm she would feel at home here. This is something we want.

There are few issues in life I do not think have a wardrobe solution.

Also not shown are mended snow suits, a cross back apron for my florist sister's nice co-worker at the home and garden store, a birthday dress for the now one-year-old in San Francisco, and two warm velour pullovers for my daughter.

If you come to this blog I am sure you have given up a long time ago that you would find beautifully coordinated outfits photographed on a regular basis and more likely to find flypaper thoughts from a life dressed for those kind of thoughts.

So here we go.

I had some neat patterned boiled wool from the local Fabricville. I decided to make a cozy sweater coat thing out of the stand collar version of this pattern:

In recognition of the loft and texture of this fabric (essentially this jacket is a high grade polar fleece jacket) I decided to make bound buttonholes. I have a no brainer method for these that makes them easy - got to get instructions done).
For the same fabric reasons I also sewed the pockets on by hand (backstitch on the wrong side, slip stitch on the right side).

Also because the fabric was thick I put in a false hem and a chain to weigh the hem down.

Really a nice cozy coat and this time of year that's essential.

Now I am up for a breather watch this space for more posts. They will be coming!


Kansas Sky said...

Stunner! That is one gorgeous coat. Eager to hear more about your latest projects 😊!

Terry in Alberta. said...

Very nice. Really suits you.

Sarah Wale said...

Welcome back! Love the coat and the chain-weighted hem ... what a good idea. I have only used it for curtains but it makes perfect sense to use it as you have, too. Thanks for the tip.

tpotty28 said...

Lovely to hear from you,very grateful that you find the time to blog. Quite grateful for your real life photos - less chance you'll desert us for that other place of picture perfection.
Loving the red coat both the snugglyness and the colour. A bright beacon for a cold winter's day (or maybe that's a warmish winter's day in your neck of the woods!).

Margaret said...

That red really suits you!
Keep your posts really brighten my day.
Thank you Batbara

Alison said...

Oh please Do Share your method for bound buttonholes! I have been wishing to learn a good way to make them...

Alison G said...

We've recently moved to 57°N from a much kinder climate and I suddenly get everything you are saying! That coat looks fab, the colour especially. I don't understand why cold weather coats come mainly in black. The car industry moved on from that idea about 80 years ago. There's probably something to be said about the modern use of cars as cold weather coats...

couture.ellen said...

Your red coat is delicious! I too have wondered why winter coats are mostly black- so gloomy when it's already hard to stay cheerful with limited sunlight. More importantly, someone wearing a black coat is hard to see in the winter's darkness. I think we should all don bright and cheerful colors for the winter, or at least bright accessories. Thanks you Barbara for leading the way in your bright red coat!

Sandra said...

Your coat is gorgeous and such a happy colour for this time of the year.
I too would like to learn your method for bound buttonholes.
Thank you so much for the blogging that you do for us. I am
very grateful!

Kay said...

Such pretty, happy fabric and it's perfect for that pattern!

I'm not familiar with the term "false hem," is that the same as what I call a faced hem?

These days a coat this weight is about all I need for most of the year (I'm near G Street Fabrics in Rockville), although in the past a real winter coat was necessary. Ah, climate change! I think I have this pattern somehwere in my collection, so I may try my hand at something similar.