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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pants pictures

For a start I have to say I married my husband for his cooking and his kindness, not his photographic skills.

Now we have that out of the way let's talk pants.

I had some rayon/ poly/lycra so I experimented this week with some pants.

The first was my favourite Margaret stretch wovens from Stylearc. I like this pattern a lot but lately I have been fed up a bit with the elastic waist thing sliding down when I move.

Remembering that I liked the yoga waist I put on some leggings, I dragged out some heavy supple knit and cut out a band and stitched that on instead. Much improvement in fit and feel although I wish I hadn't grabbed this fabric late at night, it is navy actually I had hoped for black

Here are the pants on me front and back:

It's a pretty nice leg on these pants, but after pondering on the likelihood that pants are getting wider I dragged out my trusty old Jalie pull-on pants pattern. I then made some wide leg pants out of the same fabric, even though that pattern calls for a woven not a knit.

I faced the waist casing with a scrap of poplin, which is the part of the pants I liked best:

As you can see these are fairly gathered in the casing and there is as a consequence a bit of that showing at the top:

These pants are of course very comfortable but I am going to have to get used to the wider legs. Looking is sort of a despairing way at the pictures I am not showing you I am sort of coming to the conclusion that on my body I really need a fitted with a zipper waist and not an elastic casing in wider pants. It seems to me that on me if the legs are wider the top needs to be smoother.

Or maybe something like Stylearc Fifis would be another place to start. I kind of have got used to the comfort and sewing speed of pull-on pants.

Of course a traditional pants waist  means considerable more time spent on fitting and fiddling and I will have to thing of a pattern to start working on. Quite a few other things on the table right now, so you might have to hold on with that one for a while.

And of course wider pants are going to mean new proportions in tops. Of course that means more patterns and fabrics to consider, so I am not seeing that as a real challenge.


Nicola said...

Funny how fashions come around again. I never really suited skinny jeans so happy wider legs are back . But due to baby weight still being ther (baby is 23j I now prefer less fitted tops but then risk look very shapeless so will need to review what I make. I love your blog

Anna said...

The Stylearc Margaret pants are a favourite of mine too. Thank you for the idea of adding the knitted band instead of the elastic.

Chabe said...

Whatever the fashion, I think we each know what looks/feels best on us. I say if the wider leg will take some getting used to plus some new tops that fit that silhouette, I'd go back to the straight leg pants :) You know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you are in the mood for following that rabbit trail! Which could be fun...

patricia Bee said...

Hi. I have been considering an alternative waist with elastic and a invisible zipper.