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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Another one of countless Adeline dresses

There have been many versions made of Stylearc's Adeline dress and I have made several for myself and now two for my remarkable daughter. 

The pattern is intended for a woven but really it works just as fine in a knit.

Katrina needs really comfortable clothes right now so I made this version in a French terry. The only real change we made was to dispense with the shaped hem facing, probably necessary in a woven, as Katrina found it too restrictive for movement. In a knit this uneven hemline turns up just fine and of course I cover hemmed it since I am trying to use my cover hem as much as possible these days.

Here is how it looks, really who wouldn't use a dress like this? 

This is a cocoon dress, wider at the waist than the hem and the pockets are large and as a consequence set quite close together. This may seem funny when you put them on but really, as a place to put hands, are quite functional.

The V neck here is faced, this is a pretty plain dress, but there is a nice roll-up detail with the sleeves that I actually think looks even better in a knit than a woven. I just ditch stitched the cuff along the seam line on both the top and the underneath side of the turn back to hold it in place.

I think Katrina likes this about as much as anything I have ever made her and it's always nice to score a win with adult children who have better taste than you do.


Sarah Wale said...

This dress looks really comfortable at the same time as being sufficiently dressy to wear anywhere. It would look good in so many fabrics, patterned or plain, stripes, dots, floral, abstracts ... you name it. The pockets could be made a feature in a contrasting colour or pattern or even adapted with, say, a slanted opening.

Carol in Denver said...

That is a great-looking dress for your lovely daughter. And oh, what a love of a little boy, is that your grandson?

Anonymous said...

I love that dress and I love this picture--so sweet!

Summer Flies said...

I love the dress.. looks super comfy and yet stylish. I also see the love on that beautiful boy's face... and wouldn't that make you smile too.

sallygardens said...

I love this dress! It looks so nice on your daughter and so comfortable too.

Barbara said...

Yes that’s my grandson Billy. Loves his mommy like the rest of us!

Vancouver Barbara said...

That's a wonderful looking dress – nice design lines and comfortable and cozy. A Trifecta. Your daughter is beautiful and that's a lovely photograph of her with her little boy.

Kay said...

Honestly I think the look of this dress is more suited to a knit fabric. In a knit it looks like a better-than-sweatshirt. You know, casual and utilitarian, but a little more put-together than an ordinary sweatshirt. In a woven it's easy to come across as my mother's housedress. Anyway, she looks great in it. Of course anyone would look great with a little boy hugging them with so much love that it just jumps off the screen.

I'm glad your daughter has you and a familyful of people picking up the slack so she can concentrate on what's important (see, c.f. little boy). For a woman who is as competent and take-charge as you have described her being, suddenly not being able to do everything is a real stop short moment. It can do a number on your sense of who you are. The silver lining, if there is one, is that it forces you to take stock of what's really important, what can only be done by you, and what can be delegated.

I don't know about her condition or it's prognosis, but if it's possible I hope she has a remission that is soon and long-lasting.

/anne... said...

Have you seen the Hotpatterns Montpellier dress? It's also a cocoon dress, but with really wide side panels (no actual side seam, just princess seams), with an optional pocket in the princess seam. The sleeves are loose and about elbow length; they'd be fine layered over something warm in cooler weather, or breezy in summer.

It was drafted in a hurry - the neck facings don't actually match the neck (easy to redraft, but...) and the lower back panel, which you have to attach to the upper panel as it's too long for the paper, doesn't actually match. Again, fixable, but... why am I paying this much for it? They've asked for feedback, which will happen (and be ignored, like last time). Their patterns are pretty, but my experience of their customer service has been appalling.

Anyway, I love the dress, the irritations are easily fixed, and I'm planning another one because it is a lovely pattern.