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Thursday, February 1, 2018

P4P cocoon cardigan

Continuing my commitment to sew more Indie patterns this year I put together this little number, the Cocoon Cardigan by P4P  in the RV last week.

This was the cardigan I cut out at home and then left the fronts somewhere in the house back in Nova Scotia (I am in Texas now long way from those pattern pieces). 

The cardigan had originally been meant to be made entirely out of black and grey stripes. Absent the fronts I picked up some mottled grey with flecks sweater knit at a drive by Joann's and tried to improvise rather than waste what I had.

Once into the swing of piecing I made some cuffs out of some of the bamboo knit I had used to make the head wrap thing a few posts back.

I am not a great colour blocker. 

I reminds me too much of those bright squares of colour blocking that get old so fast when you wear them, and I have never been particularly good at fabric pattern combining, probably because I have never tried it.

However necessity and improvisation is at the heart of most creativity. And it turns out that this cozy cocoon cardigan really is cozy and that I really like the way the different fabrics worked together.

I am probably going to be cutting up different fabrics on purpose from now on.

The pattern is a little different from other cocoon cardigans I have sewn. The body is classic, sort of a big dolman that doesn't meet at the front, but there is an option for slim sleeves to be added for 3/4 and full length versions, and there are several cuff finishes too.

Most interesting to me were that there was a tunic length version and that, in addition to the standard sized band, there was another possibility - a super wide (finished width 6") "shawl collar" version.

This last idea was different enough that I wanted to try it.

Here is the pattern cover shot and the line drawings to give you a better idea:

I decided to try the patch pockets, because it was another fabric change up possibility, rather than the inseam pockets.

Here is the garment on a hanger on a tree in the state park. This should give you a better idea of how it is constructed and how wide the bands are:

On my body, as you might be able to see from the top picture with me in it, the band folds over in half lengthwise down the front and sort of scrunches a bit at the sides and opens up again at the back. Because the knit is so soft it really drapes and the pocket bags droop a bit and are baggy, not surprisingly. This probably looks even worse I realize because I have my hands in my pockets in the picture at the top of the post.

I am sure with the narrower band or a less soft fabric this might look different.

However these are details. 

Unlike most other cocoon cardigans, that are really more a layer for fashion than a layer for warmth, this one, because of the bands and longer sleeves, really is a good wrap for when you need to keep warm. The fronts can be well overlapped if you are really cold and all the fabric of the collar band around the neck is nice and comfortable as well as comforting.

Really I have been very happy to put this one since I made this cardigan. I feel both well-assembled and snug in it.

Definitely a pattern I will be playing around with again in future.


Vicki said...

I love the fabric combo. I have never heard of this pattern but love cozy sweaters so thanks! Found your blog thanks to your recent podcast appearance and love it. Hope you have a great trip.

Diane Kaylor said...

P4P patterns really offer nice variations on their patterns, even on their freebies! As always, I truly enjoy your blog posts.

The Wooden Berry said...

I’ve been wondering about P4P patterns for a while now. Maybe I will give this on a try as well. Glad you liked piecing the fabrics because it really does look interesting and unique.

Leigh said...

I like your color blocking. Those 'meet in the front' garments look great on other people, but when I wear them, I spend the entire day pulling at the front as both sides migrate all over. I never feel comfortable or feel like I'm put together. I've decided that I was not going to buy RTW versions of them or the patterns. NO. MATTER. HOW. CUTE!!! P4P has a nice shirt pattern though that I want to make up. Maybe this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looks so great! Love it.

The Have-More Daughter said...

In this case, you proved that creativity was the mother of better fashion. Although most blocking doesn't appeal to me either, I think you made it work beautifully. Enjoy the Southwest!